Is Cameroon Betting Scene on the Rise?

Cameroon is among the countries of central Africa, located on the west coast of Africa and borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is a French and English speaking nation with a population of about 22 million people. Betting and gambling are legal in Cameroon.

Many countries in Africa have relaxed online betting and gambling laws, including Cameroon. However, the gambling industry looks promising as the government does its best to regulate the land-based gambling industry through new technology, economic stability, and gaming formats. The government of Cameroon is planning to revise the betting and gambling laws to be up-to-date to ensure every form of gambling is catered for. They have foreseen the gambling industry is lucrative can push the economy to a better percent through the creation of jobs and increment of revenue.

History of Betting

Did you know horse race betting was the only form of betting available for Cameroonians? Before sports betting was introduced to the Cameroon market, horse racing was a popular form of gambling to Cameroonians. Pari Muteul Urbain Camerounais was the first and only sportsbooks available in Cameroon and only offered horse race betting. It was established by the Cameroonian Government in the year 1994. The popularity of sports betting led Pari Muteul Urbain Camerounais to offer sport betting services. Today, they have a website offering different online sport betting services to meet the high betting demand made by Cameroonian punters.

The Gaming Scene of Cameroon

Land-based gambling establishments are quite popular in Cameroon. There are about 18 licensed gaming operators in Cameroon. Cameroon has 4 famous casinos, two located in the town of Yaounde and the rest at Douala. Yaounde hosts the biggest casino in Cameroon known as Hilton Hotel. Le Meridien Doula Hotel and Casino, Merina Casino, and Doula Rabingha are the rest of the casinos. Casinos in Cameroon have an excellent selection of table games, card games, and slots machines available for Cameroon punters.

Apart from the casinos, Cameroonian gamers can access brick and mortar racetracks and lotteries. Betting shops are also available and scattered all over the country even in remote parts of the country.

The Love for Sports

Like any other African country, Cameroon is a fan of sports—horse racing and football being their favorite. Horse racing was their first sports love but was later overshadowed by football when the national football team began to be popularly celebrated for their achievement. Indomitable Lions is the football national team for Cameroon and considered an essential pillar for nation-building.

Indomitable Lions Achievement

• It has won the African Cup of Nation twice in 1984 and 2000.
• Earned gold medals in All African Games in 1990.
• It was the first African country to reach the semi-finals in 1990.

Online Betting Sites

Although internet penetration in the country is low, a good number can bet online. Accessibility and affordability of the internet are not reachable in countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya. However, as the Cameroonian government is working with communication and tech firms, more Cameroonians can access the internet, thus delighting in online gambling.

Players can access foreign websites to play their favorite games. There are plenty of online betting websites that are safe, offer quality services, and have a firm reputation. International bookies accept players from Cameroon. Since Cameron is both a French and English speaking nation, online betting websites are in French and English. Trusted and popular betting sites include: PremierBet, 22Bet, Betway, 1xBet, 10 Bet, Reload Bet, and Bet 365.

Why are they trusted among Cameroonian bettors?

• They have good quality odds.
• Encrypted website and apps
• Secure transactions
• Different payment methods.
• Customer support.
• Variety of bonuses and promotions.
• An array of markets and events

Payment Methods

Some of these sites have earned a good reputation over a short period because they have safe and reliable payment methods. They have several deposit methods such as credit and debit cards, Paysafecard, Neteller, and Skrill. Some international-based sportsbooks accept Central African Franc Currencies and others accept international standard currencies.

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