Ithuba Celebrates 8 Years Of Gaming Excellence

Ithuba Celebrates 8 Years Of Gaming Excellence. Ithuba, South Africa’s proud National Lottery Operator, is marking its eighth anniversary this month, solidifying its position as the top operator in Africa. From humble beginnings to extraordinary success, Ithuba’s journey is a remarkable tale of innovation, excellence, and philanthropy.

Ithuba, derived from the isiZulu term for equality in opportunity, has consistently leveraged its core values to shape a transformative landscape. As a 100% Black-owned company with solid female representation, Ithuba has set the standard for diversity and become a catalyst for widespread change. Starting from scratch, on 1 June 2015, Ithuba successfully reinvigorated the National Lottery under the visionary leadership of its CEO, Charmaine Mabuza. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has surpassed their initial goal of ensuring a seamless transition from the previous operator while upholding the National Lottery’s integrity.

Ithuba’s hunger for success has propelled them to seize each opportunity that has come their way. And under their tenure, Ithuba has introduced many forward-thinking initiatives, including new games, expanded retail networks, enhanced online platforms, and solidifying the security and transparency of their operations. These milestones have contributed to job creation and empowered women in the workplace, significantly expanding their reach and attracting new audiences.

With an impressive list of accolades achieved, Ithuba’s triumphs on a global level speak volumes about its dedication to excellence. Their distinction as the ‘Lottery Operator of the Year’ by Gaming Intelligence in 2021 highlights their relentless pursuit of success, even amidst the challenging circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As Ithuba marks its 8th anniversary, the company stands proud as the premier operator in Africa. Their commitment to innovation, dedication to diversity, and unwavering philanthropic efforts have solidified their position as an industry leader.


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