Just R2 buys you 5 chances to be a Lottoland millionaire

Lottoland SA has just launched a brand-new product that you can play for only R2 per draw. We all know that times are hard, but for some small change your life could literally change forever. Imagine the amazing surprise if your R2 online bet with Lottoland SA makes you a millionaire!

It’s back to fixed odds betting basics with Lotto x5. There is no faff or fuss with rollovers or rolldowns. For just R2 you pick six numbers from 1 to 59 or select the QuickPick option (Quick+1) and click “submit” to proceed to the checkout. Your numbers will be entered into five draws, each with a payout of R1 Million. First, your numbers will go into a multi-tier draw for a chance to win cash prizes if it matches just two numbers – all the way up to R1 million for matching 6 numbers. After that, your numbers will be entered into four additional Main Prize only draws, to win the magic R1 Million.

Bets on Lotto x5 can be placed online, anytime and from anywhere. Draws take place three times a week, at 23:15 on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday, so if you bet three times a week for just R6, you would have 15 chances to win a million Rand cash every week! Winners will receive an e-mail confirmation to inform them and congratulate them on their win.


A system bet on Lotto x5 allows you to choose more than the standard 6 required main numbers when selecting your bet. Since a single line bet on Lotto x5 always involves 6 main numbers, the various 6 number combinations of all the numbers you have chosen will all be submitted as bets.

Did you know that with Lottoland SA, you also have the opportunity to automatically subscribe to the draw for anything between one and 52 weeks, which removes the hassle of buying repeat line bets. It could also protect you from missing out on a big main prize win! You can of course opt out at any time by unsubscribing next to the relevant bet – it’s as easy as that.

Lottoland is an international company with its head office based in Gibraltar, but it also operates here and in 55 other countries around the world. It is well established and legitimate, in fact ten million customers are using this platform to place bets on the outcome of some of the biggest international draws on earth. Lottoland is also licensed and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

It’s very easy to play as you can access the Lottoland SA platform from the comfort of your own home, anytime day or night. To place your bet all you need is a smart phone, computer or tablet to firstly create your profile. If you are a winner, you will receive an email to notify you and your winnings will be paid out in Rands into your nominated South African bank account. Winnings are 100% guaranteed as Lottoland has its own insurance company to back up the payouts.

At Lottoland we think it’s time to start loving lotto again – we invite you to try your luck!

This is how it works:

– Fixed odds betting is when you place a bet on lottoland.co.za on the outcome of the numbers that you think will be drawn in a specific local or international draw.

– You can therefore indirectly take part in any of these ‘big win’ international draws, without even being in that country.

– Lottoland does not sell physical tickets – everything is done online.

– If you guess correctly, Lottoland will match the main prizes and pay the same amount to you as the official winning lottery draw pay out.

– Lottoland payouts are guaranteed as the company is registered and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

– Winnings are converted into SA Rand and paid out into your nominated bank account in South Africa.

How to bet on Lottoland South Africa:

– Visit lottoland.co.za

– Click on the Register button

– Register with / Email / Name / SA ID Number / Mobile / Address

– Click on the Create New Account button

– Once you have successfully registered, choose a product to bet on

– Select your chosen numbers

– You will see next to the green button your stake value

– Click Submit

– If you have a promo code for a product enter this in the Enter discount or Promo box

– Click on confirm and proceed

– Choose your method of payment

– There are 6 options to pay for your bet: Visa / Master Card / Snap Scan / Zapper / 1Voucher / SID EFT

– Note that Capitec Cards does not support betting sites so if you are a Capitec Card Holder you can use SID EFT or alternatively Snap Scan / Zapper / Direct Deposit.

– You can also do a direct deposit, but this will take 24 hours to reflect in our account and will thus only show in your Lottoland account 24 hours after you made the direct deposit.

– How do I claim my winnings? When logged in click on My Account and then on Payout. Click on Add account details ZA

– Your funds will then be transferred into your account. (Usually within 24 – 72 hours)

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