KAJOT will develop on the strong bases in Romania in years to come

KAJOT remains one of the most solid companies which provide for Romanian gambling market all portofolio of products and services: slot-machines, AWPs, games for landbased, games for online casinos and operates gaming halls in retail.

In this article I’ll invite all the Casino Inside readers to see the ultimate novelties from our company and our future plans for upcoming period.

Kajot keep up with the gambling market

We are very eager to announce that we are working on a brand-new platform that should soon be released, this is also our main focus for next year to come. It is very important for our company to keep up with the gambling market.
We don’t want to reveal our strategy, nevertheless I can say that we are aiming to give the support to our clients, because of the changing law. Regarding the land-based market our clients can expect a new range of products in the upcoming time.

The key of our success: we created multiple games specifically for the Romanian market

Our rent department has gotten very busy lately, and the success came from growth, as long as we keep growing in this gambling industry, we will be able extend our portfolio.
Our slot machines are successful because of their reliability, interesting games as well as exemplary support for the clients which they very appreciate. One of the major differences might be, that our company has created multiple games specifically for the Romanian market.

The AWP’s from Kajot are very demanding machines in romanian market

We are applying for more AWP certifications. At this point we are certifying 2 more cabinets with AWP software (Double Tronic Space and Neo23) so we can keep up with the demands of our clients. We are currently planning to expand the scale of AWP products for Romania.

The Kajot Games for online casinos are successful because of our attractive designs and high-definition graphics

Since 2017, all the experience and knowledge gained from land-based game development has been applied to the development of HTML 5 online games. In the current Kajot games portfolio you will find almost 20 MGA and other local authorities certified games that are compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, Android, IOS. Some of the strengths are our attractive designs and high-definition graphics, definitely the best one is that we add 6 new games every year.

Kajot machines can be very easily updated and upgraded for the new romanian’s law demands

We have prepared all hardware parts, also our developers are working on final refinements for the software. All new certifications are on the way. Our clients can remain assured since these challenges are not a difficulty for our worldwide corporation. Our most new implementation is the licensing system, based on a QR code that can be easily scanned with an application, available for our support team in Romania.

Did the change of the law in Romania positively affected the gambling market?

Each and every innovation in the world has its supporters and critics. There’s always someone gaining and someone losing – there’s no golden balance, which will satisfy everyone. We know that the new laws will make it harder for small companies to stay in the market, which beforehand produced slot machines assembled from different certified components. Because of that, for example there were slot machines with cases and parts of manufacturer x with the software of manufacturer y, that were widely sold on the market. In many cases the original software of the producer wasn’t fully compatible with the rest of the subcomponents, hence there were a lot of problems with the correct functioning of the machine, which gave the bad reputation for the makers’ full products.

For your full understanding I will give you an example with cars. If you will put an engine from a sports car, into small city car, then yes it will be driving for some time, but in the long run it will start to break down, since its full construction is not adapted to working with powerful engine.

Kajot will be more focused on online games next year

Our main focus is the new software that our developers are working on, it is a new platform – K7 – that came with a new multi-game – Diamond Planet. We will soon share more details about this. In 2024 there will also be a couple of new innovations, which our clients will surely appreciate. Because of clients’ quite large interest in our online games, we are planning to rapidly expand this sector in Romania.

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