Kampala`s Underworld in Casinos

A Brawl Between Mafia Cartel Leaders Over a Meagre USD20000 Prompts Security Bosses` Second Look at the Industry. However, Max was not one to back down easily. On the fateful Tuesday, he orchestrated a daring return, this time accompanied by none other than the Police’s Community Liaison Officer.

In a shocking turn of events, a tumultuous scuffle erupted at the prestigious Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino, unveiling a saga of mafia cartels and deceit lurking within Kampala’s casino industry. The altercation, which took place on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024, was merely the tip of the iceberg in a long-standing battle between two prominent figures, Max Li Huefeng and Ben Shitrit David.

It all began back in February when Max Li Huefeng, reportedly backed by a gang of ten men, attempted to strong-arm his way into the Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino to claim his belongings. Allegedly owed a hefty security deposit of USD 50,000, Max found himself at odds with David, who insisted on renovating and refurbishing the establishment to match his standards. Efforts to resolve the dispute failed, leading Max’s gang to withdraw temporarily.

However, Max was not one to back down easily. On the fateful Tuesday, he orchestrated a daring return, this time accompanied by none other than the Police’s Community Liaison Officer, ASP Evans Ssali. With Ssali’s unexpected involvement, negotiations ensued, resulting in a compromise where David agreed to use the security deposit for renovations, with the remaining balance to be returned to Max. But as the dust settled, David reneged on the agreement, sparking further scrutiny into his past and his dubious connections.

Delving deeper into David’s background uncovers a web of intrigue and corruption. Hailing from Israel, David made his foray into Uganda’s casino industry in 2003 with the establishment of Grande Casino at Crested Towers. Despite murky circumstances surrounding its inception, Grande Casino quickly rose to prominence, becoming the second casino in Kampala after Kampala Casino.

Rumors abound regarding David’s alleged ties to high-ranking officials, including the Minister of Water, Lands, and Environment at the time, Hon. Minister Kahinda Otafiire. However, it appears that David’s underworld dealings eventually led to a falling out with his supposed godfather.

But David’s misdeeds didn’t stop there. Reports suggest that he was embroiled in cheating scandals at various casinos, including using a magnet to manipulate gambling outcomes, resulting in significant losses for casino owners like Bob Kabonero and Mayfair Casino.

Adding fuel to the fire, David’s questionable business practices extended to the renting out of prime properties, such as the space within Taj Mahal Hotel, which he leased to Max and reportedly other unfortunate tenants who faced similar mistreatment.

With law enforcement and security agencies now honing in on the seedy underbelly of Kampala’s gambling establishments, the public is left to wonder what other illicit activities lie hidden behind the glitz and glamour of the casino industry.

As investigations unfold, one thing remains certain the truth behind Kampala’s underworld is far more sinister than meets the eye. This includes, but not limited to money laundering alone! Stay tuned as we unravel the mysteries lurking within the corridors of power and deception in Uganda’s casino scene.

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