Kenia – land base casinos have weaker revenues and online are developing

Brick-and-mortar casinos have encouraged players to invest in the business by offering high class establishment excitement thanks to the advent of internet.

Unscrupulous operators of casinos have taken advantage of the huge fanatics to increase establishments due to lack of strict legislation that regulates the gaming industry.

In 2019, strict regulations might be imposed to all online gambling platforms to offer a framework for all people who want to invest in the market.

Legitimate land-based casinos are losing ground not only to online ventures, but also to operators running without a valid license but authorities are keeping a close eye on this industry and will take swift action against those who do not adhere to the set rules. In 2018, more than 20 Chinese nationals were arrested for running an illegal casino, without having valid work permits.

With kenya’s increased potential for online gambling investments, many well-known brands have established their workstations in the country. One such investor, Victor Chandler is planning to set an online casino in the Kenyan market having branches across 160 countries internationally with his business presence expected to attract other respectable online casinos governed by healthy competition.

African-based online casinos are also expected to expand quickly in Kenya by hiring local people so that they can offer professional customer support in their native language, to make players comfortable in the country. Healthy competition is expected to benefit not only the gambling market, but also provide players with access to better games in a competitive environment.

With casinos expected to ramp up their promotions and offering better incentives, the government has been urged to create favourable legal framework for their establishment in the Kenyan market.


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