Kenya: DCI Strict On Import Of 169 Illegal Gambling Machines

Kenya has been battling illegal gambling and betting. While the government has been strict with betting companies that have led to mass closure of betting shops in the country, tackling illegal gambling still remains a challenge.

Recently, in a major crackdown on illegal gambling, the police seized 169 gambling machines and arrested five Chinese nationals. However, it was not established how the gambling machines – all of which are imported – made its way into Kenya.

According to the investigations, all illegal gambling machines were imported through the Mombasa port. However, no arrests have been made so far and the mystery of how and for whom these machines were imported remains to be solved.

Meanwhile, the country’s Director Of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has taken note and seems to be strict on the reported crime. It has issued a strict warning to the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) officials in Mombasa.

The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti has himself taken charge of investigations and said that the port officials should up their efforts and find how the illegal gambling machines got in the country or they should be ready to risk losing their jobs.

The DCI chief has also assured that the case will be cracked and all those who are involved in “clearing” the import of these machines will soon be behind bars.

“If it emerges that those who were expected to act failed, they will have to answer for abetting an economic crime,” – said Mr. Kinoti.

Earlier in the week on Tuesday, the police busted an illegal gambling ring in the Free Area on the outskirts of Nakuru town in which it arrested five Chinese nationals and seized 169 gambling machines. However, it is yet to be known how these 169 machines – which are said to have arrived through the Mombasa port – got the clearance at the port.


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