Kenya – How to bet on SportPesa while it’s banned

Wagering of money or something of value has been an activity that has been taking place for centuries. It was mostly done as a recreational activity, but it has now evolved to a money-making business for many.

Thus, many privately-owned companies have come up offering specific services in the gambling and betting industry. An example of such a company is SportPesa. The company offers a sports betting platform which operates in Kenya, Tanzania, United Kingdom, South Africa and the Isle of Man.

SportPesa heavily relies on mobile money, i.e. M-PESA to conduct their transactions. However, the pay bill numbers of the company have been suspended following the ban that was imposed by the Kenya government.

The good news for those who previously had balances in their SportPesa account is that they can continue “making it count.”

The company has recently assured its customers and anyone else who would like to join that they are still working to restore the services since only the pay bill numbers are not responsive. This means that you can still place a bet and withdraw your winnings from M-PESA even if the ban is yet to be lifted.

SportPesa offers a wide range of games for the clients to bet on including football, basketball, tennis, rugby union, boxing, cricket, handball, ice hockey, MMA, motor sport and volleyball. If you want to place a bet on SportPesa, you can do so via SMS or the online platform (…)


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