Kenya: New OCS To Combat Nakuru Gangs

Nakuru County Commissioner Loyford Kibaara has assured the residents of Nakuru of their security following a spate of stabbings and armed robberies in the Rhonda and Kaptembwa areas.

Kibaara, who regretted that three people had been killed as a result of the resurgent criminal gangs, said that major reshuffles had been done among the security agents in the area to contain the situation.

Already, 302 young men had been arrested and arraigned before the Nakuru Magistrate Court, with the county commissioner decrying lenient fines and sentences that continued to water down their efforts.

“Despite the lenient fines, we will not condone regrouping and harassment of the residents. It is not going to be business as usual, and the gangs should either change their ways or leave the area. A new OCS has been posted to Rhonda police station, and we are pursuing to have a change of police officers who have overstayed in the area and are abating crimes,”

– he noted, adding that the Nyumba Kumi Clusters will be revitalized to enhance security.

He regretted that the infamous Confirmed, TZ, Mungiki, and Mauki groups had surged with a mop-up in Nakuru North and Nakuru East Sub-Counties, driving them to Nakuru West.

“Young men between 18 and 25 years old are joining these groups, and most of them are engaged in gambling, boda boda, touting, and taxi businesses. They have been extorting money for the residents, with those resisting being stabbed,”

– noted the county commissioner, putting on notice politicians said to be having a hand in the crimes.

County Police Commander Zachary Kimani, while drawing attention to Ponda Mali, Nakuru West, and the Free Area, noted that more arrests had been made last night, with the gang members being found armed with kitchen knives and Somali swords.

“Our officers know the criminals, and the more they have stayed in the area, the more likely they are to abate these crimes,” – said Kimani.

He accused the media of exaggerating crime reports and causing unnecessary tension, urging the residents to use anonymous means to tip the police as part of concerted efforts against the crimes.

Cases of stabbings and killings have in the recent past been reported, with members of the Mauki gang group said to be in revenge mode following the killing of their leader last week.


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