Kenya – reasons for the boom in mobile gaming

Kenya has been on the limelight for its ever-growing gambling industry. Some of the major reasons for the high rates of gambling in the country is increased mobile phone penetration, increased number of youths involved in gambling as well as the availability of a cheap, fast, and reliable network.

Mobile gaming is one of the trends that have proven to be the future of gambling in the entire world. Previously, you could only access online casinos via a computer but now you can access all your favorite casinos and casino game on the go from your mobile phone.

Mobile gaming means that you can access any casinos at any time of the day when it is more convenient for you. Additionally, you also get to switch from one casino to another within a very short moment. Privacy and security are paramount and this is one of the reasons why most people prefer gaming on mobile phones. If you win, nobody has to know you withdrew some cash. All you need to do is withdraw you’re winnings into your eWallet without worrying about getting robbed.

Reasons for the booming of mobile gaming in Kenya

1. Kenya boasts of a widespread fast and reliable mobile network. This enables gamblers to access online casinos and their websites efficiently.
2. Affordable smartphones and other devices. The Kenyan market is flooded with smart gadgets such as android phones, iPhones, iPads, and tablets from several companies. These gadgets are very affordable and most young people from all walks of life have access to at least one of the aforementioned gadgets.
3. 2020 has been a year that faced lockdown and curfew. This made people turn to mobile gaming as a way of getting rid of the void created by the closure of most entertainment joints. Old gamers, therefore, kept playing from online casinos and novice players discovered a new way of having fan and possibly making some cash.

Ways of playing online mobile casino games

There are several ways of playing online casino games. One can play directly from the casino’s website, also, you can download the mobile applications into your phone and get to play from your phone, and lastly, you can get the casino software for your personal computer and enjoy gaming from the comfort of your home.

Casino games available on Kenyan mobile casinos

Your favorite casino games are all available on mobile casinos. The gameplay is no different and the payouts are as fair as usual. There are numerous games to play for real money and for free as well. Some of the games include Blackjack, Poker, baccarat, slots, Keno, and Roulette to mention just but a few. Free games are the best for newbieswho are still training to acquire some skills or uncover some winning tricks. Real money games require you to make some deposits depending on the minimum bets allowed and the amount you are willing to stake. There are several options for making your deposits some of which include using mobile cash transfer services such as Airtel money for Airtel users and Mpesa for Safaricom service users.

Best Mobile Casinos for Kenya 2020

The aforementioned sites are provided by international gaming software providers. This means that you experience world-class gaming. These games feature incredible animations and amazing sound effects. We are certain that you will enjoy games with mouth gaping graphics that will leave you desiring for more. All these casinos are regulated and licensed. These ensure that you stand a fair chance of winning an unrigged game.

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