Kenya to host first SiGMA Africa summit in 16-19 January 2023

SiGMA Africa is the world’s leading hub for everything involving the iGaming industry such as regulation, responsible gambling, and even marketing related to the sector.

With many African countries leading the pack when it comes to mobile gaming, sports betting, the blockchain, and other cutting-edge aspects of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the SiGMA Conference brings together the leading figures in the gaming world and beyond for three days of networking, panels, workshops as well as awards for true pioneers of iGaming in the continent.

Join us in Africa for the best the industry has to offer and for a window into the future of worldwide gambling.

It’s incredible economic potential, growing and youthful population, ability to leapfrog technologically and the recent economic reforms, the SiGMA Group wants to help galvanize this exciting era of prosperity by acting as a hub of networking for the brightest minds on the continent.

  • Kenya boasts 30 sportsbooks licensed in the country alone, making it the third largest gaming market in Sub-Saharan Africa.

To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie on [email protected].

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