Kenya – Women In Gaming: Judith Kiragu

Interview conducted on the occasion of ICE Africa 2019 with Judith Kiragu – Director of Golden Key Casino in Kenya.

What advice can I give aspiring young professionals?

I will base this on my personal experience. I stayed ahead of the game in the field I was interested in. My field was the gaming Industry. This means that one has to be very knowledgeable of what they would like to achieve. Work diligently for your bosses without complaining, work at perfecting your roles. Read a lot to expand your knowledge and learn from others. In the gaming industry one would be forgiven to think that there is not enough literature about it, however, there is a lot. One of the critical
questions I kept asking myself is what do I want to deliver?

Secondly, stay focussed on the path while realising that their may be other elements that may derail you, flexibility to have alternative approaches and focus play an important role in achieving your goals. The establishment I managed – I asked myself:

“if the establishment was mine what would I do to make it better than it was presently?”

I took on the role of an owner and what the owner would expect.

I was pro-active in my approach to management and doing things. Even the minute things like picking up a piece of paper from the floor or ensuring that furniture was placed correctly. Brush up on your personal skills and have excellent internal and external personal skills. You need internal customers to get you to achieve your work and personal goals and look after the external customer.

Adopt a participative approach to management. Lastly, one must ensure they do not stagnate in one level. Onwards progression boosts self- morale and this can be achieved by setting self-goals and ensuring that you are adequately equipped with industry and management knowledge to fit into the level you have risen to hence resetting new goals and so forth. To get personal satisfaction it should never be about the money.

Passion and drive are the elements and success follows.

This year’s celebration of Women In Gaming highlights the contributions made by inspirational and motivational women to the gaming ecosystem on the continent of Africa. The women that we are featuring come from all sectors of the industry and nations on an international landscape.
To discuss sponsorship opportunities and learn more about becoming one of this year’s Women in Gaming, contact [email protected].

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