Kenya’s Look Forward To The Next AFCON

Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania will jointly host the 2027 AFCON games. This will be the first time the three East African nations will jointly host a continental football tournament. Kenyans are very excited about this opportunity and have high expectations.

Kenya’s President, William Ruto, welcomed this award and provided details on infrastructural development plans. Let’s examine Kenya’s preparations for the historic event.

Infrastructural Development

For example, the President claimed that Kenya has ambitious plans, including building the Talanta Sports Complex (Jamhuri, Nairobi). This will be the tournament’s signature project, including a 60000-seater stadium, ample parking, commercial hub, and world-class training pitches.

There will also be all-inclusive renovations of the Moi Sports Center-Kasarani, Nyayo National Stadium, and the Kipchoge Keino Stadium. The upgrades will include rehabilitation of the pitch, ICT infrastructure, installation of canopies, enhancement of the facilities, and building of commercial hubs dubbed the Hustler Bazaars.

Host Benefits

Kenya has featured in the AFCON six times – in 1972, 1988, 1990, 1992, 2004, and 2019. Unfortunately, the country has never progressed beyond the group stages. Now that Kenya will co-host the tournament with its East African neighbors, they will qualify for the tournament automatically without participating in the preliminary matches.

Francis Mutuku, the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOC-K) secretary general, is optimistic about this opportunity. He claimed that sports development provides enabling structures and opportunities for players to compete and excel. Kenya sits 109th in the men’s FIFA rankings and 25th in the continent.

In this sense, only a few betting fans will bet on Kenya to win the tournament regardless of being hosts. However, they can still develop a team that can surprise many by 2027. If you plan to wager on football matches, you’ll love BetAfriq app betting features that ensure you enjoy your football wagering.Nonetheless, Kenya has enough time to build a formidable team to compete in the 2027 tournament.

Economic Benefits

Several studies have confirmed that nations that host major tournaments, such as AFCON, usually experience a positive impact on the tourism sector. This phenomenon is referred to as sports tourism.

For example, a study published by the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, investigating the effect of Cameroon’s 2022 hosting bid, stated the importance of sports tourism. The study claimed that the lasting memories of the local destinations are likely to trigger repeat visitation, which boosts local tourism numbers.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also revealed that Egypt’s economy was boosted several-fold when it hosted the 2019 AFCON competition. For instance, the IMF stated that Egypt’s revenue from the tournament alone was 83 million USD.

This is music to the ears of Kenya’s tourism sector, the nation’s primary foreign exchange earner. Some investors in the industry claim that this is an opportunity for Kenya to revolutionize sports tourism. The sector expects the tournament’s legacy to last beyond the final whistle. For example, they expect better sports facilities, transportation networks, and a lasting impact on local economies.

Final Thoughts

History suggests that hosting the AFCON can positively impact the host nation’s sports sector. Kenya has faced numerous challenges, especially in football. In this sense, Kenyan football fans hope hosting this tournament will be a turning point for the football sector. Everyone is working hard to ensure they offer football fans an unforgettable experience in and outside the stadium.


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