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The challenges presented by modern times have reshaped and, at the same time, revolutionized the market. To get a better understanding how iGaming companies can cooperate with the streamers, GBC Time has interviewed Kristian Faber, Affiliate Team Lead of the leading slot development studio – Endorphina.

1. What are the main challenges or advantages in working with streamers for a slot provider company?

Sometimes the streamers can be the Double-Edged Sword of Collaborating Navigating Challenges.

Brand Alignment: Picture this: a streamer’s dynamic style, but it needs to fit like a glove with our upscale, engaging brand ethos. It’s like matching a fine wine with the perfect dish!

Compliance Hoops: It’s a regulatory dance, keeping up with the legal ins and outs across markets. We’ve become quite good at this choreography.

Engagement Uncertainty: Streamers can be like rock stars; their hit sessions can either pack a venue or not. We aim for the former, always keeping our finger on the pulse of audience interests.

Reaping Benefits:

Reach and Influence: Streamers are our bridge to untapped audiences. When they speak, their viewers listen—often acting on their recommendations.

Authenticity and Trust: Nothing beats the genuineness of a well-loved streamer introducing our games. It brings our offerings to life in ways traditional ads just can’t.

Instant Feedback: Live streaming means instant reactions—priceless insights for tweaking our games and strategies in near real-time.

2. What marketing strategies do you use for collaboration with streamers in the gaming niche? Give the top 3 tips for specialists?

Essential Tips for the Trade:

  • Champion the Right Matches: Not just any streamer will do. We seek those whose passion for gaming shines brightly, mirroring our own dedication to excellence.
  • Blueprint for Success: We provide streamers with a clear roadmap—objectives, expectations, and style guides. Like directing a blockbuster, every detail counts.
  • Track, Analyze, and Adapt: Our tools are sharp—we measure every click, every view, and every signup. Like a skilled captain, we navigate through the sea of data to treasure troves of insights.

3. Recently, you conducted Streamer Weekends with Endorphina, so we’re curious about the results of such collaboration.

Streamer Weekends are like our annual festivals—brimming with excitement and engagement. This showcase not only boosted our visibility but also cemented our reputation for creating immersive experiences with the content creators — The stream was just tip of the mountain. We bring our good partners and streamers to experience the whole Prague, dang, we even took them on a horse carriage in oldtown Prague, who can say that? We can! Thats one of a kind experience. The aftermath?
Of course I cannot say anything in numbers, but what I can deffitently can say is the buzz that had the community talking for days!

4. How does the company determine the success of collaboration with streamers and measure its impact on the popularity of its gaming products?

We orchestrate our campaigns like a maestro—every note must resonate:

Viewer Interaction: We listen to the rhythms of interaction—views, shares, likes—all telling us how well our audience is vibing with the content.
We look at live engagement metrics such as time spent watching, chat activity, and peak viewer count during the streams. These indicators help us understand how captivating the streamer is and the quality of interaction they foster.

Content Reach: Beyond live sessions, we analyze the reach of VODs (past broadcasting videos) and clip shares across platforms. This helps gauge the lasting impact of our streamed content.

Sentiment Harmony: We tune into the feedback across channels, ensuring our and streamer audience not only stays but plays happily.

5. Which streamers from your niche can you recommend and assess as providing quality content worth paying attention to?

While I’d love to name drop, let’s just say we partner with virtuosos of the streaming world. When it comes to selecting streamers for collaboration, we consider a variety of factors to ensure that the partnership will be beneficial not only in terms of reach but also in alignment with our brand values and objectives.

One of the key factors is production value, including high-quality video and well-structured content among other things. Other factors we consider are demographic alignment, viewer loyalty, and consistency in content.

Through meticulous selection and continuous evaluation, we ensure that our streamer collaborations are not only effective in reaching and ensuring our audience and streamer audience not only stay but play happily.

I hope these insights have painted a vivid picture of how we, at Endorphina, strategically and creatively leverage streamer partnerships to amplify our brand and bring the thrill of gaming to life.

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