Lagos – Nigeria gambling firms face tough time over strict measures due to covid-19

Gambling firms in Lagos Nigeria face a tough time ahead as government-issued stricter guidelines rules to all gaming operators in the state as they resumed their business operations in the country as the restriction of the movement has been lifted in the state over the past week.

The state government issued guidelines on gaming operators for the controlled of their business over the ease of lockdown in the state. The state has been on lockdown since the 30th of March 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic outbreak that has disrupted gambling activates in the state. Whereas business operations of gambling firms outlets, Agents shops as all been shut down for over a month in the state. On the other hand, the Lagos state lotteries board issued a statement empathizes with all gaming operator on the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria, which has adversely affected their business operations.

Going forward some of the strict guidelines include all gaming outlets are allowed to open only between 9 am to 3 pm daily; each gaming outlets will have to maintain 60% staff occupancy at any point in time. Sports betting outlets there must not be more than four customers inside an outlet, lottery operators, pool betting and other games outlets there shouldn’t be more than one customer at a time engaging the agent for the kiosk.

In contrast, if there is a retail outlet bigger than a kiosk, and there must not be more than two persons within the outlets. In contrast, the casino operators and gaming machine the directives are as follows there shouldn’t be more than three customers in each outlet. Must have at least one security personnel checking temperature, two-meter physical distance and all employees must wear a face mask and ensure customers wear a face mask. Also at the entry point must have a washbasin and soap for employees and customers as well as hand sanitizer.

In conclusion

However, Lagos, been the commercial capital of Nigeria, is a source of mixed emotions for its more than 20 million inhabitants. Many come to the city from hinterland to pursue their dreams; some succeed, some do not; it is also known as the hub of the gaming industry. That boosts over 20 gambling firms across all sectors from lottery to casino, pool betting and sports betting business, the state is the centre of all gambling activities in the country.

In contrast, in the street of Lagos every 5 minutes walk you’ll find betting outlets, the retail betting is still the widely accepted form of gambling in the country. But even as things stand operators are in a precarious situation to sustain their business for the remainder of the year due to the strict measures in place. In contrast, it is high time operators look into the alternative of shifting consumer behaviour to online gambling.

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