Land Based Casinos in Botswana

Botswana has a vibrant gambling industry where the government targets revenue from foreign tourists. Land-based casinos are the most popular destinations for gamblers, and the country has many resorts hosting such establishments.

The business is licensed and properly regulated to safeguard both local and foreign gamers. The Botswana government generates significant income from gambling, a primary reason why it has put enough laws and facilities to boost the industry.


In 2002, Botswana experienced rapid growth of casino gambling, prompting many resorts to set up land-based casinos. However, the government moved in to stop the excessive trend by establishing a national lottery. Unfortunately, the efforts did not bear any fruits. Until today, there is no national lottery in the country. Needless to say, you can find massive resort casinos offering a safe environment for gamblers. Apart from other recreational features in the resorts, players visit to enjoy table games and a variety of the slots provided.

Among the regulated activities in Botswana are the problem and underage gambling. The authorities have guaranteed safety and security for all players. For example, you are not allowed to place a bet unless you attain the required age of over 18 years. Botswana belongs to the Gaming Regulators African Forum, which supports the country in the efforts to build a conducive environment for gambling. Other member countries include Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia, among others.

Land-Based Casino Resorts

If you have a thing for proper gambling, Botswana is your perfect destination. Gamers are spoilt for choice because you have over 10 casino resorts to sample. All of them are licensed and approved by the Casino Control Board. The average revenue that Botswana generates from these resorts is $25 million. The list below comprises of examples of land-based casinos in the country.

Grand Palm Hotel Casino Convention Resort
This facility is a darling of many foreign tourists who visit to play poker, blackjack casino hold’em and American roulette. It is located in Gaborone. You can enjoy the fun on a 24/7 basis, although some table game enthusiasts may be disappointed at the few hours available to them.


Sediment and Cresta Tapana Hotel
Poker, roulette and blackjack diehards have found peace in this resort. More games offered include video slot machines. Players will find this hotel in Francistown. Well, if you go hungry along your gameplay, simply make an order from the assortment of African foods offered in the restaurant. Gamers who want to take a nap and relish in their wins can also choose a room from more than 90 available.

Gaborone Sun Hotel and Casino
Gamers are treated to all sorts of entertainment in this Gaborone based resort. There are 3 restaurants for meals and 190 rooms to accommodate revellers who would like to put up here. As you sip your cup of coffee or imbibe a cold drink, savour cool moments as you spin the wheels and earn some rewards. If you have a touch for solitude and wouldn’t like to soak in the loud music and cigarette smoke, you can access the private gambling zone.

You don’t want to imagine what Botswana brings to the gambling table. For gamers who are so much into variety, this country may just have had you in mind while setting up those massive facilities. No doubt that you will have a good time.

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