Land-Based Gambling and Sports Betting Set to Resume in Tunisia

As of 2018, Tunisia had registered a total population of over 11.7 million people. This country is located centrally within the Middle East, African, and Mediterranean locations. Tunisia’s capital city is Tunis named after the country and is the city with the largest population. 98% of the population comprises of Muslims who dominate the culture.

This in the world of gambling can only mean that if gambling activities are not totally banned, then only a few activities are legal. Casino gambling is the only legal form of gambling in this country. Betting in land-based casinos is licensed as a tourist attraction. Locals are, however, forbidden from playing in the casinos.

Land-Based Casinos in Tunisia

1. Pasino Djerba
Located between Libya and Algeria is this incredible gambling destination. This Grand Casino is famous for its splendor and its state of the art gaming facilities. The Casino hosts over 160 gaming machines for both slots and table games. There are 97 gaming machines and 20 table games. A variety of games offered in the casino include Blackjack, stud poker, Ultimate Hold’em Poker, and the American Roulette. The El Ferida restaurant within the facility offers you refreshments as you play your favorite games to win. The casino is open 24/7.

2. La Medina Casino
Located in Yasmine, Tunisia, Casino La Medina features a variety of world-class facilities such as the Lebanese hotel, gift shops, and a spacious gaming space that features 13 table games and 130 slot gaming machines.This casino is the largest in the entire country. Casino games available for playing include baccarat, Blackjack, stud poker, English Roulette, Punto Banco, Video Poker, and slot machines. The Hammamet hotel caters for your refreshment need as you play. The facility is open 24/7

3. Du Cedre Grande Casino
This casino features a great poker room for cardroom poker, a Sousse hotel, and a club. These facilities offer complementary services to gamblers playing in the casino. There is only one poker table and other casino games available include blackjack, slot machines, English Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, and Stud poker. The Casino is open 24/7.


4. Yasmine Grand Casino
Located in Hammamet, Tunisia, the Yasmine Grand casino features 9 table games for Poker, Blackjack and Roulette and 115 video poker terminals, and video and classic slots machine. Playing slots with progressive jackpots gives a chance to wins some extra cash to fund the rest of the irresistible nightlife offered in Yasmine. The hotels within the facility feature spacious rooms for accommodation to ensure that you experience heavenly rest after a fun-filled day.

5. Kantaoui Grand Casino
Located in Sousse, Tunisia, the Grand Kantaoui Casino features 10 poker and table games and a total of 50 gaming machines. The casino opens daily from 5:00 in the evening until 4:00 in the morning. There is a bar in the facility which takes care of your refreshments’ needs as you play in the casino. Casino games available for gambling include Stud poker, Roulette, Punto Banco, and Blackjack.


Upcoming Sporting Activities in Tunisia

If you are hoping to get an update on the upcoming sporting activities in Tunisia, this article is for you. There are both local and international events that would interest you as a gamer. Below are the activities you might want to follow.

1. The Federation of Tunisian Football has set dates for the resumption of the football league for Ligue 1& 2 clubs to conclude the season. Training sessions for these clubs are set to kick off from 4th June and last for up to 15 days. The previously postponed games will resume by August and a new season for the 2020/2021 football league is set to kick off later in October this year.

2. International football matches such as the La Liga are set to resume early June 2020. This means that punters can resume placing wagers on their favorite international football teams. Offshore online sites offer these gambling services to any Tunisians willing to gamble.

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