Las Vegas gambling industry slow to recover

Since the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm back in March, the Las Vegas gambling industry has struggled to make a recovery. Despite Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak permitting casinos to reopen on June 4, visitor numbers and gaming revenue have remained low in the US’s largest casino market.

The number of visitors remained down 61 per cent year-on-year at 1.4 million in July, as conference attendees that would have once filled hotels and casinos see events postponed and individuals are less willing to travel.

One poker event at Caesars Palace attracted only 13 players. Poker is a game that has been significantly affected by Covid-19 policies, as masks make it harder for players to read their opponents and seats at the tables have been reduced from 10 to 8, with each guest separated by a plastic divider. Many slot machines have also been taken out of operation in order to implement social distancing.

Gambling revenue is down 40 per cent this year so far to $330m, which has led many operators to lay off large numbers of workers. MGM Resorts laid-off 18,000 staff back in August since reduced capacity policies meant fewer workers were required on casino floors.

Of the few properties that remain closed, Two MGM venues, ParkMGM and NoMad in Las Vegas, are scheduled to open on Wednesday (September 30). Caesar has said it will reopen Planet Hollywood on October 8, but has set no date as yet for the Cromwell.

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