• Capital City: Kinshasa
  • Area: 2.267.048 km2
  • Population: 7.300.000 as per 2017 census
  • Largest cities: Kinshasa, Kananga, Labumbashi, Likasi, Bukavu, Mbuji-Mayi, Tshikapa, Masina, Kisangani

There is no Gaming Authority or other special body regulating gaming in Congo. Instead, the Government itself is responsible for doing so and the absence of a dedicated body does not mean gaming there is not regulated. On the contrary: there are structures and procedures in place that mean gambling activities are controlled, tax is paid by license-holders and that proceeds from running lotteries are put towards good causes.

Gambling in Congo is legal and since 2005, all ‘games of chance’ have been regulated. Since then, a few amendments have been made to update the definition of what are games of chance and what are not but as things stand, they include: lotteries, slots and other games where human interaction or involvement does not affect the actual outcome. With that having been said, there is no official framework in place for licensing online gambling sites, and it doesn’t seem like this is much of a priority for them at this point in time. It’s worth noting that there aren’t any laws against online gambling being offered there, so a number of popular brands on an international level offer their games and services to players in the Congo.

The largest gaming city in Democratic Republic of the Congo is Kinshasa with 1 gambling facility. The largest casino in the entire country of Democratic Republic of the Congo is Inter-Continental Kinshasa Hotel & Casino which is located in KinshasaInter-Continental Kinshasa Hotel & Casino has 7 table games, 100 gaming and video poker machines.

Because the licensing process is virtual non-existent, it’s hard to say what, if any, player protections exist for players in the Congo. One would expect that some basic level of protection would be built in for the reputation of the online land-based casino in the country, but no one can be certain. While this can seem frustrating for players who want to get in on some online games, you still have options. So if you’re a player who is looking for an online casino from the Congo, then you’ll be best served by going with the more reputable brands that offer games there even though they aren’t licensed in your country. By looking at a combination of their standing in the industry and their reputation for how they handle players, you’ll be able to find somewhere safe to play even though they are licensed somewhere else.