• Capital City: Kampala
  • Area: 236.000 km2
  • Population: 39.570.125
  • Largest cities: Kira, Gulu, Lira, Mbale

In Uganda gambling started way back in days of our grandparents, they used to play this kind of gambling in there free times Omweso by the old & coin tossing by the young in most Uganda regions, this is a prominent and old form of gambling of which old men would gather around in their free time. This helped in a number of ways. It was a stress reliever and had no cost after a hard day of work.

OMWESO was a game played by majority in Ugandan tribes from the North, Western, and originary from the central.

COIN TOSSING this up to now is played by children in lower school levels as a game but its gambling because of its involvement with money, the one who guesses right wins the price. Head or tail game gesture gambling.

Today the world and technology has evolved, gambling changed as a lot was brought in from different walks of life and tribes. New forms of gambling were introduced which include.

  • Matatu, {Playing cards}
  • Video gaming
  • Slots
  • Betting
  • Lottery
  • Pool table
  • Chess

All these forms involved cash in pay for a winner after a play which made it more interesting cause as a player you where to give in your best so as to win.

Betting as a gambling form in Uganda.

Betting is now the highly and most form of gambling in Uganda, it’s played almost by every youth, old and even the young. Betting in Uganda started in the early 2005 when internet had started to be embraced by the middle and working class.

When this form of gambling started the ascent forms of gambling perished and the first companies to introduce this form of gambling include king’sports betting, lion’s sports betting in In Uganda these companies came in and those who played with such companies some won others lost due to stakes and odds of that time, where by majority of Ugandans were illiterate, and knew nothing of this sought, back in those days the stake were 500 Ugandan shs,

All this has gone on changing due to the changes in technology over time now days betting as a gambling form is fun, cause it can be played at the comfort of your home, office, in traffic jam, while in the salon all this can be done cause gambling has been digitalized, apps have been developed, payment methods have been changed you do not need a lot of money to move with when heading to any betting or gaming station.

List of the latest betting companies and houses in Uganda

  • Fortbet
  • Pal bet Uganda
  • Mbet Uganda
  • Lollybet Uganda
  • Bungabet
  • WSBetting
  • Quickbet
  • Betfair
  • Bet365
  • 1xBet
  • Paragon bet Uganda
  • Betpawa Uganda

Of late most of the gaming station have come up with online stakes, which is making the whole game of gambling interesting and fun to indulge in. mobile apps have been developed which when downloaded they make one enjoy the whole game of gambling at their comfort zones.

When it comes to mobile app and different varieties of bonuses, nowadays they are mandatory for every world-class gambling operator and something more, actually they differ the perfect from the mediocre gambling site.

Just imagine you want to place a bet while you are at your workplace or on a holiday. Here the effect of the mobile app plays his role. If your betting site has an

application you just need to download it and to enjoy the casino or the sport game whenever and wherever you are

. That is why our advice is to be a customer of a bookie which proposes mobile version of their platform

The bonus offers are also mandatory. >Why would you miss a free gift when it is offered to you? The bonuses help the players to have a better living from the gambling activity.

Pool table gambling

This is mostly played in bars and casinos, pool table as a game has become a business to some because gamblers stake money whenever they are to play. Almost every happening place has a pool table on which gamblers stake for amongst or between themselves. It’s interesting because it has also been digitalized and can be played on internet for much bigger stakes in Uganda.

Of late there have been competitions held regarding pool table gambling as a game with lots of money stake. {Pool table masters competitions}


This is another bigger and a PG game in Uganda. It’s mostly indulged in by the young children and the youth. In its form it’s more like betting cause it involve in coins in playing and gives back if you win. It hasn’t been that interesting for time due to the perception and parental guideline and government policies.

Gaming stations {video games}

These are played at a professional level by both young and old due to the low policies and it does have unique feature the gaming stations, gadgets involved, the tabs computer, big screens. This form of gambling is highly guaranteed because it has no harm to those playing it and the owners. It’s played at someone’s convenience and preferences. Its addiction is more of advantageous than betting and pool table games. This form of gambling has no age limit though at professional levels it’s a money venture and the working literate class love this form of gambling, University students in their free time play gaming stations, and video games at a stake. For example need for speed, shooting games, football gaming. Have all been digitalized hence making this form of gambling the best.

The advantages of gambling in Uganda

  1. Cooperate social responsibility {CSR}to the communities in which gaming houses are located of which they try to give back to the communities, for example
    •  Employment of the locals in area where they are located to work as customer attendants, askaris {security personnel’s}, and to the outsourced contracts like the telecoms which provide the internet services. The stationers who print the coupons, gadget sellers.
    • Giving back to communities, this has been seen in the lottery gambling where they hold charity runs and car washing all in the form of giving back to the people through gathering up sums collected from charities to certain institutes like, cancer institutes, blood donations and Free HIV tests.
  2. Some lucky gamblers who have gone ahead to win have their lives changed like of late in Uganda the Supa3 gaming promotion, most of the people have built house, bought land, and started business from money got from the gambling promotions like these.
  3. They increasing gambling forms in Uganda have increased the tax base for Uganda revenue authority, this increases on the services that are to be offered by government to its people.
  4. Gambling offers a wide range of activities to involve ourselves in with hopes of getting back, in our free time we keep our minds active.
  5. The irritate have gone ahead to catch up with the ever improving and advancing technology since most of them have to own a smart device to be kept up to date in the world of gaming and gambling.

Disadvantages of gambling

  1. Insecurity is increasing since majority of gamblers spend a lot of time in gaming house than working making gambling to seem like a bad game.
  2. Gambling may result into a habit and a vice leaving some people messed up for the rest of their lives.
  3. Policies governing the gamblers are too low which is making criminal getting involved, this is making gambling seem to be a dirty and a vice to some.