Liberia: Winners Incorporated Presents Two Million Cash Prize to Champions of the County Meet

Monrovia — Winners Incorporated, a sport betting company, has provided L$2 million to champions of the three categories and players who won individual awards at the just ended National County Sports Meet.

The cash prize of L$1 million was given to Nimba, champion of the football category, while Lofa and Sinoe were presented LD $300,000 each. The company also provided L$25,000 each to individual award winners, with the exception of Emmanuel Sieh the “County Meet Most Valuable Player” who was given the amount of L$50,000.00.

Addressing the media, Winners Inc. Owner, Yocab Bathson admitted, that the company has not been officially part of the County Sports since, due to lack of communication and misinformation.

He said the recent tournament has given the company a chance to seize the opportunity to be a part of future sponsorship with the Ministry of  Youth and Sports, through fund availability to champions and individuals awards to encourage the players.

“I think from now on we will be part of this county meet in a more official way. We will plan for it ahead of time and I can promise you that we will make our presence in this event and in any sponsorship best for all than before because we are trying to do it with the Ministry and make it organize more,” – he revealed.

Bathson who also assured his company’s commitment to playing a pivotal role in the future said that their investment will not only be subscribed to the County Meet, but the local league and other sports in order to give standards to the players in the country.

“I want to assure you that Winners is here to support t sports, to support the players in all sports and not only football. And you will feel us much more very soon, we are part of this country, we are here for the people and our main target is to really support sports.” – said Bathson.

“We just need to increase the bar and put even more emphasis on our local league because for me there is no reason why all of the talents will not enjoy a high standard. This will not be a one day or two day but we really need to put a plan to bring our local league here to high level.” – adding.

Also speaking, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister, G. Andy Quamie acknowledged the company’s swift investment in providing funds that enable the Ministry to provide cash prizes to categories and individual awards winners.

According to him, MYS will look at the option to properly plan for the 2023/2024 competition to have the company playing an integral role.

“We can plan it maybe in March to see how Winners can steal the show from the rest of the sponsors to play a bigger and impactful role so that the county meet can be bigger than what it is.”

– said Minister Quamie.

He admitted that currently, MYS has two million to be distributed to individual awards, the counties, first place, second and third place.


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