Listen to your customers – say’s Alessandro Pizzolotto

STM gaming Director and Co-CEO spoke exclusive with Adeleye Awakan on their success so far, since the company signed a partnership deal with Btobet White Label Certified Partner for African market.

Alessandro Pizzolotto: I am the Director and Co-CEO for STM Gaming, founded in 2017, as we believed that there was a gap in the market and high demand for an advanced software platform, which offers valuable benefits and qualities to the market, especially internationally. Having moved to Malta from Treviso about ten years ago, I have since embarked on various projects which have strengthened my knowledge, and enhanced my experience in the gaming industry. In 2018 we then had the privileged of signing as Btobet’s White Label Certified Partner for the African market.

Adeleye Awakan: What is STM gaming all about ?

Alessandro Pizzolotto: STM Gaming focuses on the African Markets, and provides them with a turn key solution using the state of the art igaming technology. Which means, not only do we provide them with the technology to better position themselves as a company in the African market, but this also benefits the players in terms of their user experience and navigation. STM Gaming puts together a catered solution to suit each client’s needs; whether its online or retail, or both. Whether its, Sports Book, Casino, lottery, or all of the above. We meet their needs, and provide them with customer support and technological assistance 24/7.

Adeleye Awakan: STM gaming and BTOBET Tell us the relationship between the two companies?

Alessandro Pizzolotto: We are partners on every aspect, the African Market is very particular and it needs a lot of attention and a lot of daily presence and work, to make sure our customers can maximize the potential of our platform. So Btobet decided to create the White Lable program and we got selected for the African Market, and since then it has been a constant growth, and we are looking forward to all the new brands we will release in 2020.

Adeleye Awakan: How many Operators are presently using your platforms?

Alessandro Pizzolotto: Btobet as a company have over 50 operators using their gaming platforms globally, while directly under STM Gaming we have over 10 operators in Africa namely, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Madagascar and Kenya, all of them which are active and they all went online in 2019 and we have a few more brands in setup that will see live in 2020. though.

Adeleye Awakan:How were you able to market your platforms withing a short period of time?

Alessandro Pizzolotto: Btobet was already a very established brand in Africa, and when we enter the market with the White Lable concept at ICE Africa 2018, it was an instant success.
Mainly because this new approach allows all the small/medium size companies out there, to take advantage of an award winning platform, without having to bare all the costs of running a massive operation.

Adeleye Awakan: Whats the Secret to the company success so far ?

Alessandro Pizzolotto: There is no secret, me and my partners we work hard every single day, and we are fortunate enough to have a very good team around us that work as hard as we do, and when you give 110%, usually results follow.

Adeleye Awakan: What is your advice for other competitor also for new entrants that want to sell its product in Africa gaming industry?

Alessandro Pizzolotto: There are enough competitors already and they are good enough they do not need any advice from me 🙂 but seriously listen to your customers, they will always know the market better than you.

Adeleye Awakan: What should we expect from STM gaming and Btobet in future?

Alessandro Pizzolotto: Well Btobet is working on a whole new Retail system that will be a game changer, we will start rolling it out in December but it will be a 6 months effort with monthly deployments. Retail is still the biggest part of any big Operator in Africa and we want to make sure they get the same innovations that we already released in the online version.

Adeleye Awakan: Finally describe Africa in one word ?

Alessandro Pizzolotto: Diverse.

Adeleye Awakan is the Associate/Editor and also a consultant for the African markets. Part of his expertise he works as a freelance journalist in Africa gaming ecosystem. Feel free to reach him Email:[email protected], Linkdin: Adeleye Awakan.

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