LONASE Partners Senegalese Basketball Federation

The institution of LONASE signed a partnership agreement with the Senegal Basketball Federation, which will see LONASE support the sports structure over a period of one year for an amount of 50 million CFA francs ( about $ USD 90,000).

The partnership is in line with implementing the CSR policy, meaning the Senegal authorities as part of its initiative to all foreign businesses in Senegal to encourage support and adapt to local realities for sustainable development through corporate social responsibility (CSR). It is also a relevant response to the vocation of national and civic enterprise embodied by LONASE, committed to supporting Senegalese basketball in all fields and all categories. This convention also aims to give more visibility to the actions of LONASE in favor of Senegalese sport.

Thus, the two entities have undertaken all the due diligence necessary for a good application of the partnership in perfect synergy. The managing director of LONASE also took advantage of this forum to highlight his firm desire to engage the company inactions of public interest with impacts felt by the populations. Hence his slogan: La Fortune aux subscribers, the benefits to the Nation,” he said in conclusion. Earlier reports as parts of the institution’s initiative (CSR) policy, LONASE have engaged with the different organization since its inception. The current policy sees the authority issued two million CFA to the Association of Kidney Patients. Part of the particular gesture falls within the CSR policy framework, which essentially aims to support disadvantaged groups through social actions.

Meanwhile, LONASE is the Senegalese National Lottery, the body charged with sports betting, lottery, horse racing, and casino activities in Senegal. The institution also acts as an operator. The Senegal gambling scene is controlled by the government-owned Senegalese National Lottery (LONASE), which opened on the 30th of December 1996, as a private company, before being nationalized in 1987 by (Law 87/48 of December). Even though gambling became widespread nationwide with the nationalization of LONASE, which brought a new dimension to its gambling industry, it is interesting to know that Senegal is located in West Africa with an estimated population of just over 15 million residents ancient France colony.

The primary ethnic group language is Wolof, and 96 per cent Islamic people. It, therefore, hits a shocker to know the country is a gambling nation, given Islam’s wholehearted ban on gambling. The LONASE, apparently report to the government, doesn’t have total control of the gaming activity.

This government approach to the gambling industry suggests that Senegalese’s government distinguished religion from politics for not mixing it up given the economic benefits of gambling which is more of a source of income, through tax generated.

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