Lottery scandal: R1m paid to influencer in South Africa

Allegations against the influencer. An unnamed social media influencer in South Africa has been in the spotlight for allegedly receiving R4mn ($300,000) from the National Lotteries Commission.

The influencer reportedly received R1mn of this amount without a signed agreement, the Daily Maverick reported. The R1-million is in addition to the R3-million she allegedly received and purchased a house in Bryanston with, which has since been put on auction to recover losses suffered by the National Lottery Commission.

The R3-million was reportedly given to her for ‘funding intended for the rollout of a public campaign and culturally sensitive medical intervention projects to achieve traditional circumcision’, reports Drum Magazine.

Controversy surrounding the National Lotteries Commission The report states that the “National Lotteries Commission ( NLC ) awarded a grant of more than R10-million to a non-profit entity to stage a South African Youth Awards ceremony“. The National Lotteries Commission has long been embroiled in controversy, often receiving criticism for lack of transparency and corruption.

In August, the National Lotteries Commission was ordered by the Western Cape High Court to disclose how it had spent the proceeds of the lottery, Business Day reported.  The influencer has not been named, but speculation is rife on social media.

She did, however, take to Instagram and shared a ‘beautiful message’ with her followers, sparking more controversy, according to TimesLive. Many felt her message was insensitive in the light of the allegations against her.

The allegations have undoubtedly raised questions about the use of lottery funds and the role of influencers in promoting campaigns, as well as highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability.


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