Lotto Kenya the real definition of charity and responsibility

Lotteries are forms of gambling very popular in Africa. Almost every country in Africa has a running lottery if not more. One of the most outstanding nature of lotteries is that most of them are owned and run by the government institutions for charitable purposes.

Many are the times we doubt the use of the accrued profits from lotteries for charity purposes. In this article, we will be focusing on the activities that Lotto Kenya has been involved in. Gambling is not just a game as it may lead to social, psychosocial and even economic changes both positive and negative. Let us first look at the lottery at a glance. What are the basics of this specific lottery?

Lotto Kenya at a glance

Lotto Kenya is one of the most successful lotteries in Kenya. Both young and old citizens from cities and the innermost rural areas both religiously gamble with the lottery. All you need is buy a lotto ticket that costs only Ksh.50. Each ticket contains 6 numbers and one lucky number. The first six numbers are between 1 and 49 while the lucky numbers are between 0 and 9. Like any other form of gambling, you can buy as many tickets as possible depending on the amount of money you are willing to stake. The cash prizes range from Ksh. 75 up to 100million Kenyan shillings. Of course, depending on the numbers you match you might go home with 100 million or empty-handed.

To buy a lotto ticket all you need some cash in your Mpesa account and be 18 years of age and above. You can buy a preselected ticket or select your combinations. You can buy your ticket online from the lotto Kenya website or just send an SMS to the number 79007 and receive your ticket. Lotto conducts their draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays and you can buy your ticket any day. If you are considering to gamble, just visit the lottery’s website and brace yourself with more information.

Why is lotto the best lottery?

One of the promotional strategies lotto have is that besides losing your stake, you are assured that your money will be used for charitable purposes. This is one of the most consoling thing any gambler would want to hear after losing their money. The lottery has a way of giving punters a win-win situation. You could win real money prizes or you could help someone out there who need it. That doesn’t even sound like losing.

Below are some of the charity activities run by the lottery
1. Lotto Kenya is massively impacting communities by gifting needy mothers in informal settlement with newborn clothes and baby boxes. These baby boxes are meant for laying the baby to prevent sudden Infant Deaths that happen as a result of poor sleeping surfaces for babies and mosquito bites. The boxes are fitted with a net to protect the baby from bugs.
2. Lotto Foundation supports needy students by putting needy students through full scholarships.
3. The Lotto Chonjo campaign is reaching out to communities intending to help those who might be experiencing problem gambling. The most incredible thing anyone could ever ask for is to have a caring gambling partner. Lotto is that caring partner who not only wants to earn from your stake but cares about your well -being.
4. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Lotto Kenya has been distributing water tanks and sanitizers to market places and communities in informal settlements.
5. Lotto has a tree-planting campaign for the semi-arid areas in Kenya to increase forest cover and protect the environment.

Lotto Kenya is the proof that gambling is not all evil and can change people’s lives directly through winning cash prizes and indirectly through the charity activities funded by the lottery profits. If you haven’t tried Lotto, I believe you felt more motivated to try your luck. This is the one lottery that feels real and doesn’t make you feel bitter after losing.


Kenya as a gambling giant in Africa has a variety of gambling sectors including sports betting, table games, casino gaming but lotteries are most favorable among players. Grab the chances to play in various lotteries which are advertised on television, radio, and even print media. Some individuals have changed their lives in a flash just by trying out their chances.

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