Lottoland: How one player scored “the biggest ever” online betting payout

This lucky Lottoland punter quite literally managed to “clean-up”, when she placed a fixed-odds lotto bet on one of Europe’s biggest cash prizes.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of: One moment, you’re working as a cleaner trying to make ends meet. The next, you have £79 million in your bank account. That’s exactly what happened to one lucky Lottoland participant, who ended up playing her part in a Guinness World Record, too.

What is fixed-odds betting?

However, this is where the technicalities come in: Christina did not buy a ticket for that particular lottery. She only placed a bet on which numbers would be drawn, which is a completely different exercise from taking part in the draw. Lottoland isn’t connected to the lottery operator, and any payouts players receive comes directly from them.

The biggest ever online betting payout

So when Christina picked out five correct numbers from 1-50, and two correct numbers from 1-10, she did so through her fixed-odds bet. Not a bad attempt to say this was only her second go! Thanks to their insurance rules, Lottoland are able to match the prize money offered by the biggest lotteries in the world.

The £79 million – or R1.4 billion – was duly paid out to the lucky punter – a feat which, quite literally, put Lottoland in the record books. Guinness World Records officials have labelled this as “the world’s biggest ever online gambling payout“.

Now available in South Africa

What is more, Lottoland is set to open their doors to South Africans, too. They already have fixed-odds betting available for Lotto style bets such as Kenow and Keno 24/7 (which is based on the New York State Lottery), which churns out results every four minutes.

So get involved Mzansi, residents of SA are now able to place their own fixed-odds lotto bets on Europe’s biggest cash prizes.

Who knows, perhaps another “Christina” is waiting right here on these shores?


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