Major Boost for Casinos operators in Tunisia

The Tunisia government has set June 27, to reopen the land, airspace and sea borders of the country after which the nation as closed all borders due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak for the last three months and a half.

The casino operators in Tunisia rely heavily on foreign nationals for the survive of the business as the laws guiding gambling state all forms of gambling are prohibited by law except for casino gambling. Still, the casinos are reserved exclusively for non-residents, and casino games in these venues can only play using foreign currencies.

Although the casino gambling business is an integral part of Tunisia tourist’s sector and its economy in general in which the country is one of Africa top exotic tourists destinations. But due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, that as threatening the industry moreover more than $1.4 billion and 400.000 jobs are at stake According to information from Reuters while the casino operators have significantly been affected as well. Early this year the Tunisia Minister of Tourism Rene Trabelsi as quoted said the number of tourists increased by 13.6 per cent in 2019 to 9.5 million.

Also, in 2019, the tourism sector generated about $1.5 billion to the government coffers in this regards tourism is critical for casino operators in the country. Further, tourism is still one of the most important sources of revenue that’s the reason tourism casinos gambling are exempt from under the blanket ban prohibiting nearly all other forms of gambling in Tunisia. About 3% is contributed to the country’s GDP through tourism casino while other sectors of tourism contribute 7% to the economy of the country.

There are currently five land-based casinos in Tunisia such as the Grand Casino Djerba, The Grand Casino Yasmine, among others which are all located at popular tourist’s destinations. While it is illegal from Tunisia players to play at online casinos as online gambling is prohibited, but still many of the sites accept players from the country, and the government doesn’t block them from ISP either. Despite the ban, individual players of such platforms don’t seem to be prosecuted.

However, tourism is critical to the survival of casino operators in Tunisia. But with the government set the date to open all the sectors of the country’s tourism to allow international flight as well as land and sea borders to be open for tourist visitors this is a significant boost to casino operators in the country.

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