Man Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Friend’s Funds To Bet In Lagos

A man has been arrested by the Nigerian police for allegedly using his friend’s money to gamble. According to reports gathered, the amount he siphoned is the sum of N7million; he used it to play sporty bet.

In the trending video, the young man who has been arrested by his friend was seen begging while sharing details of how he used the huge some of money to play bet in Badagry, Lagos.

According to information captured in the video, the arrested young man who always uses little amount of money to play bet wasted no time to fund sporty bet using his friend ATM as he bets with prices that include, N40K, N50k, N100K, N130K, N170K repeatedly till it reaches N7million.

This comes after his friend sent him on an errand to go get food for him by giving him his ATM so that he can use it to withdraw and pay in cash.

Instead of getting the food for him, he decided to stab his friend in the back as he links the ATM card to a betting app and then used all the money to play bet. Speaking on how he caught him, the friend said he tracked him down to Badagry and that is where he was able to find him.


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