Man crashes bet machines after losing all his salary at the Casino

People never know when to stop when it comes to gambling. Since it is month end,workers have been paid and this man also got his salary. But instead of doing something with it,he took all his salary to the Casino to bet with it.

Apparently he wanted to play with small amount but it turned out that all his salary is gone. As he realized there’s nothing left from his salary and the bets have eaten all his cash.

He turned the casino upside down and demolished the betting machine that chowed all his salary.
In the video, the man is seen carrying a chair and crashes the machines. Eventually the man won some money and instead of leaving the casino with a profit. He wanted more money, placed all his salary on bets and it did not end well for him. The workers had no choice but to call for security and the police as the man kept crushing the machines.

People never know when to stop when they are at gambling spots like casinos and they end up losing a fortune. Imagine this man has lost all his salary and he is lefr with nothing in his name. It is very sad to see what South Africans are getting themselves into and later act demented. Now he has lost his money and the police have arrested him for demolishing the machines.

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