Mauritius Casinos Layoff Employees

The country’s leading casinos outlets Mauritius Casinos has laid off forty-one of its employees, having turned age 60 as of June 30, that have opted for the voluntary retirement plan offered by the State Investment Corporation (SIC) a few months back.

According to the Mauritius Casinos management said even if the number of employees favourable to the demand does not meet expectations, the management still shows some satisfaction. Another voluntary retirement plan targeting employees in the 50s to 60 age bracket is in the works. The employees of the Mauritius Casinos, who have chosen the voluntary retirement plan, are among those who receive a salary of Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 and who have at least 20 years of service to the company.

Nonetheless, this umpteenth plan of degreasing could, however, fall apart because the majority of the employees around age 70 have turned 60 (or older). Simultaneously those due for retirement before the end of the year are not in favour of the proposal made by State Investment Corporation (SIC) in May this year. These employees thus shunned the voluntary retirement plan, which includes the payment of their service time and 30 per cent of their salaries. That is calculated over the five years that they would have to work until the age of 65, as recommended by law. According to a local report, this payment of 30% of wages calculated over five years does not seem to suit them.

The management of the Mauritius Casinos thus finds itself in a problematic situation because a restructuring plan was going to be set in motion after the hundred or so employees targeted for the voluntary retirement plan did not respond favourably to the SIC’s proposal. However, it’s a new start at the management level of the Mauritius Casinos; according to the management, there is satisfaction with the number of employees who have opted for the voluntary retirement plan. “Casinos sector have been red for years; there has been no inflow of money for several months, due to the confinement and the reopening, which is being done in phases.

The voluntary retirement plan was above all proposal. Some were in favour; others were not. They had no obligation to say yes to the proposal, “we point out. It is also noted that many employees aged 58 and 59 have expressed a desire to leave. We are currently working on another voluntary retirement plan targeting this time employees aged 50 to 60,” – indicates the management of the Mauritius Casinos.

Satish Rughoobur, the spokesperson for the Casinos Employees Union (CEU), believes that introducing the voluntary retirement plan was the last resort to breathe new life into the sector”. The situation, he says, is critical. The union representative then indicates that about fifty employees at the dawn of their 60s wish to opt for premature retirement. He asks the management of the Mauritius Casinos to set up a new retirement plan.

However, it is a timely measure looking from the direction of Mauritius casinos to introduce a voluntary retirement plan for aged workers to protect the casinos outlets under the management with the confinement that has ravaged the sector without any inflow for months due to the Covid-19 virus surge in the country.

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