Mauritius open for tourism exciting time for land-based casino operators

Mauritius is a tourist destination known for its undeniable island appeal, eclectic culture, intriguing history, and many activities. There is little wonder touted as an idyllic destination for a romantic getaway, honeymoon, or family holiday. One of the best things about this destination is that it’s not a lazy day spent lapping up the phenomenal year-round weather, known as the home of tourism.

Although with the development, it is an exciting appeal for land-based casino operators in the country. In contrast, it is expected that now that Mauritius has opened its international airspace businesses under the tourism sector to experience an uptick in sales. Before this, it has been experiencing losses since the government measures such as the lockdown of borders, social distance, and movement restriction to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the country—knowing full well that casino gambling work-in hand with tourism. The tourism sector is an essential component of the Mauritania economy. In contrast, significant sources of its foreign exchange revenue and the sectors under it, such as the land-based casino operators and the travel and hospitality sector, of course, an appealing development for their business survival.

However, on October 1, Mauritius reopens its borders to Mauritian nationals, residents, and tourists for extended stays. Passengers will have to undergo a PCR test within five days before travel. Upon arrival in Mauritius, the 14-day quarantine will be mandatory at an establishment approved by the authorities. All tourist arrivals are to fulfill quarantine requirements set by the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA). That includes offering a travel package to the passenger, accommodation, on a full board basis, for 14 days, transfer from the airport to the hotel, and health cost, including mandatory PCR tests.

A centralized booking platform linking to airline and hotel sites has been set up on the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA). Therefore as mentioned earlier, the tourism business is booming. The third most crucial sector after agriculture and manufacturing tourism contributes approximately 14% of Mauritius GDP. At the same time, the tourism sector as created over 40,000 employed full-time jobs. The island nation is an exciting market for casino gambling thanks to the tourist’s arrivals, which is merely 18,000 visitors in 1970, which boomed to 656,450 in 2000 and now reaches almost one million tourists every year. There are seven cities with legal gambling facilities in total, with ten standard gambling facilities. Several land-based casinos are strategically located in hotels and city centers around the central island city. Patrons visiting the casinos are expected to dress formally. The country’s largest city Port Louis the town is home to 4 gambling establishments, which have numerous gaming slots, game tables, and video poker machines.

The recommended legal gambling age is 18-years. Most casinos on the island provide complimentary alcoholic drinks to encourage new customers to make their first bet. Caudan Waterfront casino stands out as the largest casino in Mauritius; it is located at its heart. Established in 1966, Caudan Waterfront casino offers live table games and slot machines with progressive games that include 3-poker tables, 16 table games, and 214 video poker machines.

The other top casinos in the island nation include L’Amical de Port Louis casino, Trou aux Biches Casino, Flic En Flac Casino, and Le Grand Casino De Domaine Les Pailles. Trou aux Biches Casino operates a bar and a restaurant joint alongside the casino. The Flic En Flac Casino is located in the Black River district, a crucial coastal beach area. The area has many sandy beaches that offer clear views of the ocean. L’Amical de Port Louis Casino is located on 6-Chausse Street in Port Louis: the casino has 62 slot machines with two live table games. L’Amical de Port Louis Casino accepts various foreign currencies, including the Euro, US dollar, and the Japanese Yen. Le Grand Casino De Domaine Les Pailles, located in Mauritius, famous private streets close to Port Louis. Some of the most popular live table games at the casino include the American Roulette, Oasis Stud Poker, and Blackjack.

The casino also operates a bar, restaurant as well as private rooms. Some of the largest casino hotels in Mauritius include La Pirogue Hotel and casino, Le Saint Geran Hotel and Casino, and Meridien Paradis Hotel and Casino. However, it is fascinating to know that several land-based casinos are in the country and contribute massively to Mauritius’s economy under tourism. Casino gambling is part of the initiative to promote tourism.

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