Media Influences Kenyans betting behaviour, study reveals

Bettors are influenced by media, a study has revealed. The study by the Media Council of Kenya stated close to half of respondents, 46 percent, are influenced to bet by advertisement they see in the media.

Western and Nyanza region recorded the highest percentages at 56 percent and 51 percent respectively, indicating they are most influenced by betting ads. They are followed by Eastern, Rift Valley and Coast in that order.

Kenyans in Central and North Eastern are least influenced.

The study further stated that 59 percent confirmed that media should be involved in betting while less than half of the respondents, 41 per cent said media should not be used in betting.

The results of a survey confirmed a study published by The Footy Tipster that revealed that the media, especially social media, along with satellite television, has made it possible for fans around the world to become in harmony. This makes it possible for serious gamblers to follow teams and make more educated bets.

According to The Footy Tipster, betting sites get the best offers from the social media. From the social media, the sites can promote offers such as Cashback deals and free bets, and by the help of the social media, one can easily get insights on the markets.

In the latest report released by the MCK on February 13, 2023, Rift Valley residents topped the list of the respondents who opined that media should be involved in betting at 67 percent with Eastern coming second with 63 percent, Western 62 percent, Central 59 percent, Kenya’s capital Nairobi ranked slightly above average at 58 percent of her respondents calling for media involvement in betting.

The report conducted in December also showed that a majority of the respondents who participated in the survey, at 62 percent acknowledged that they have ever seen or heard adverts on betting within the last one week before the survey was done.

43 percent of those interviewed revealed that they’ve come across the adverts mainly through the television. The other group of the respondents, 26 percent of them heard the adverts via the radio as social media contributed 13 percent of betting advertisements.

Generally, Kenyans have been consuming more of betting services through the social media with a number of social media influencers taking the ambassadorial role of marketing the various betting sites on their social networks.

The betting sites take advantage of the huge followings they influencers have in their social media networks to gain following and people who bet using their betting sites.

Television and radio have also bagged advertisement deals with many betting companies who pay handsomely in exchange for their audience.

How much revenue does betting sites use in media?

According to a study by Reelforge and TIFA Research, betting firms in accounted for 22 percent of the Ksh95 billion to that media houses earned in advertising revenues in 2018, outsmarting the tele-communications sector and fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers as the leading advertisers in the country.

The key players are Shabiki, Sportpesa, Lotto and Supa 5.

“A review of the advertising spends for 2018 and 2019 shows that the betting and gambling sectors control Kenya’s advertising sector, ” – read part of the report.

Trends in betting

Several trends are shaping the current betting industry. Some of the recent trends in betting include:

  1. Introduction of live bets that allows gamblers to place bets as games continue.
  2. Digitalization, which allows bettors to bettors to play games through their phones by simply downloading the betting apps. Digitalization has also eased deposit and withdrawal of money from wherever they are.
  3. Enticing and mouthwatering odds.

The emergence of many betting firms has made the firms to come up with mouthwatering bonuses and odds to beat competition.


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