Mobile Betting Contribution to Sports Betting in Africa

Sports betting and the use of a smartphone is not an overlooked concern among the youths of Africa. Africa shows potential in online Sports betting and international and local betting firms have established their firms on African soil.

Africa has the youngest population in the world and they are tech-savvy. Most youths in Africa are either unemployed, in casual employment, or insecure jobs, and as result, they have turned to betting. With a smartphone, internet connection, and cash they can easily make a bet. Africans love sports, especially football. They are fans of the biggest clubs in the world like Real Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona, and others.

Mobile phones

Mobile phone penetration to Africa countries is a notable growth; more and more people can access mobile phones due to affordability and availability. In most African nations smartphones are affordable and the use has significantly shot up as the majority of users are youths. The youths have adopted social media in their daily life through smartphones. Texts, images, and audios are shared through Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. Sport betting fanatics have taken advantage of such social platforms as an avenue to discuss matches, teams, players, odds, and sportsbooks.

Mobile phones are a favorite since bettors can access all services, features, and functionality as featured on the desktop version with little use of data. Moreover, some sportsbooks encourage bettors to bet through mobile devices to be awarded generously. Such promotions are only available to African punters.

Sportsbooks have made the user-interface friendly and safe to its users. They are fitted with end-to-end encryption to assure safety to its users. Sportsbooks have gone further to create sport betting apps. The apps are available for both android and iOS users and available for download on Google Store and Apple Store respectively. For some betting sites, the download link is available on the website.

African betting sites

Betting sites that are locally owned contribute heavily to the success of online betting. African-born betting sites have a well understanding of the African betting market and the culture of betting in Africa. They have customer care agents who can communicate with the customers using the local dialect. They have shown immense support through partnership and sponsorship of local clubs, leagues, and even players. Thus, they are highly valued in their home countries, for instance;
Sunbet– South Africa
Helabet and Odibet– Kenya
PremierBet– Senegal
Sportybet and Nairabet– Nigeria

Live Broadcast

Live broadcasting through platforms as DStv has contributed to the rise of online sports betting. African club matches, European leagues, and English leagues are broadcasted live across the continent through the use of satellite access to sports matches across the world. Sportsbook has established betting shops as viewing centers for punters to watch live matches.

Countries like Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria can watch live games due to the advancement of technology. Fans can watch their favorite matches in the comfort of their home. It is always a good time when players keep up with the favorite team matches online without visiting the clubs’ home.

Accessibility of Information

Information is available everywhere from traditional channels to modern channels. Players can access tons of sports betting information not limited to social media, newspapers, or websites. You can never miss a slick advertisement on sport betting with an enticing offer to sign up.

There are plenty of sport betting fanatic groups on social media anyone can join. Group members exchange betting tips and statistics. Newspapers have reserved pages or sections on sports betting. More and more websites are coming up to share betting tips and tricks and reviews on different sportsbooks. Betting sites have a special section for only sports events, betting tips, and stats information.

Mobile money services

There is an increase in mobile money services in the betting industry of Africa. Betting firms are partnering with mobile money operators to access services like Airtel Money, M-Pesa, and Orange Money. Mobile money services are an efficient method for transactions. Besides, it is safe and fast.

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