Mobile Betting – How Popular is it in Africa?

Even though Africa is a continent with many cultural and religious diversities, a great majority of the countries share a strong passion for sports, especially football.

That is why the area has always been a fertile ground for sports betting, and thanks to the increased mobile penetration on the continent, the sector of mobile betting is also going through an exciting time. Mobile wagering is one of the growing forms of betting in the world, and if you wanted to learn more about its development in Africa, continue reading

The online betting market has been growing steadily in Africa, and the rise can be attributed to different reasons. Firstly, according to , there were a total of 570 million internet users in Africa, which is twice more than in 2015. In addition to that, more and more of those users access the internet through mobile devices. And as the trend of launching affordable smartphones continues to grow, it will also affect the rise of mobile betting in Africa. However, none of that would even matter if there wasn’t for the incredible passion for sports among Africans. The locals are particularly crazy about football, following diligently both national and international leagues.

On top of that, Africa is a continent with an exceptionally youthful population, as more than 200 million of its inhabitants are aged between 18 and 24. Africa is the second-most populated continent in the world, and no two countries in the area are the same.


However, there are several countries that stand together when it comes to the popularity of mobile betting: The main reason behind the growth of sports betting in Tanzania lies in the fact that wagering on sports has been legal for two decades, as in 2003, the officials formed the Gaming Board of Tanzania in order to supervise all such activities in the country.

Thanks to the safe and transparent conditions within the borders, more and more operators continue to enter the market, making it harder for the locals to pick the best ones. That is why users commonly turn to reliable review sites, where they can find trustworthy information about the leading bookmarkers in the area. That way the players can compare the operators based on important factors like the selection of games, the variety of odds and bonuses, and more.

South Africa

Despite the fact that online gambling on platforms registered outside of the country has been prohibited since 2010, there are many operators licensed by provincial authorities, and the locals love using their services. To be more precise, more than 50% of South Africans regularly engage in sports betting, and more and more individuals choose to do it on mobile devices. In 2021 alone, South Africans spent a total of $290 million on mobile gaming. Mobile players in the country now spend more than 4 hours a day on their portable devices, and the habit has been significantly boosted by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.


Although some forms of gambling like non-skilled card games are illegal in Nigeria, sports betting is properly regulated, and it continues to grow in demand. At the moment, 30% of Nigerians regularly wager on sports, and there is a rising interest in mobile gaming among them. In fact, the locals spent $185 million on mobile gaming in 2021. Nigerians are actively switching to smartphone betting thanks to the increased mobile penetration within the country, as well as the improved availability of stable internet connections. When it comes to punters who already use mobile devices for betting, the majority of them prefer doing so through the operators’ apps. The apps are more popular than mobile-friendly websites for two reasons: more overall convenience and the availability of live betting.


Kenya is home to some of the most passionate football fans in the world, and it is no wonder that the nation also developed a strong interest in sports betting. In 2021, the locals spent around $38 million on mobile gaming, and the number is growing steadily. Also, it is important to note that Kenya is the place where the continent’s first mobile money service known as M-Pesa was developed. M-Pesa played a big role in the rising convenience of online wagering, and Kenya is therefore known as the continent’s tech powerhouse. Today, 55% of online punters in the country use portable devices to pursue their habit of betting.

Africa is a continent with many diversities, but the love for sports betting seems to be spread throughout the area. Thanks to the rising availability of affordable devices and stable connections, the population is getting more and more comfortable with mobile wagering, and it will be exciting to see how the industry continues to develop.


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