Monopoly Live features in More South African Gambling Sites

Don’t just get rich in your fantasies, make real money betting on a casino version of your favorite board game. If you loved Dream Catcher, this one should give you chills.

Evolution Gaming– a leading casino software provider- provided the first monopoly live game in South Africa’s Genesis Casino. Currently, several sites and bookmakers are offering this lucrative game to punters. The theme is similar to that of the board game by Hasbro. Players roll dices to gain assets and get rent from them if the opponents land on them. Additionally, the landlord can develop the area or auction properties. There are several options to get richer and dominant. The idea is to drain your opponents of all their wealth.

Monopoly Live Gameplay

The Monopoly wheel gets hosted live in a room with numerous cameras and lighting to enable punters to follow the entire action. Like the Dream Catcher, the game is fully immersive and thrilling. Punters choose or pick numbers they predict the wheel is likely to settle on. The host spins (sets the wheel into motion). If it stops on the number you chose, you win! If the wheel settles on a chance segment, the charming Mr. Monopoly fetches a card with either a bet multiplier or a cash prize.

Monopoly Live involves spinning a wheel, and punters place their bets on “4 Rolls”, “2 Rolls” or a segment. For novices who are getting started and looking for lower-risk bets, 1 and 2 are the best options, but for anyone bold enough to place a higher risk bet, they can choose 5 or 10. If your number wins, you get your stake in various odds. Available odds include; 10/1, 5/1, 2/1, and 1/1.

The presentation of Monopoly Live

As the name suggests, Monopoly Live is a dealer game by Evolution Gaming that resembles their popular series-Dream Catcher. The game involves a vertical wheel with prizes in a Monopoly-themed room. The game got enhanced using a 3D bonus round. This way, gamblers suit their fantasies as tycoons as they collect huge rewards on their way.

The Juice in Playing Monopoly Live

The Live Bonus Feature is where all the fun begins. The bonus game begin if the wheel settles or stops on “2 or 4 Rolls”. The game takes place in space with numerous generous prizes, and a 3D Augmented Reality Monopoly world. Only players who wager on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls stand a chance to participate in the bonus game.

Punters participating in a Bonus game get to roll the dice to collect their rewards. To boost the value of all prizes, punters need to pick a multiplier. Additionally, players can collect extra rolls to get extra rounds of the bonus game.

The bonus feature is the best strategy for Monopoly live, you can take it to the bank.

Monopoly Live Sites for South Africa 2021

South Africa has one of the most diversified gambling markets in the entire African continent. Punters in SA can access their beloved board game from the top and reputable sites. Top bookmakers offer this live dealer game along with a generous bonus that you can claim in line with their terms and conditions.

Below are the sites which offer live monopoly in South Africa;
1. Genesis Casino
2. World Sports Betting
3. Betway
4. SportingBet
5. Hollywoodbets SA
6. Gg Gaming
8. G-bets

Tips for Playing Monopoly Live

  1. Now that you know where to find the game, you need to prepare yourself for winning. For this reason, we provide some tips to make you a winner. Nobody wants to lose their money. Read on and maximize your chances of grabbing more rewards up for grabs.
    Always place a bet on the bonus segments: The bonus feature can make you rich in a very short time. You can hardly walk out empty-handed with a wager of the bonus segment. Remember, you are eligible for this feature only if you had initially placed a bet on it.
  2. Follow the live chat: There is a section for a live chat where you can engage with other players and witness them winning. Also, players can share tips for winning, and you might get lucky.
  3. Get updates on the game history: The lower right side is where you find the scorecard history. Read through and identify the most frequent outcomes. Placing a wager on the most appearing outcomes is always a good idea.
  4. Take a break: Betting can sometimes get overwhelming. Taking a break between rounds is the best thing you could do. This way, you get time to relax and have the right mind to increase your chances of getting a bonus round. Losing control of emotions can get catastrophic, causing you to do regrettable things. Stay calm and win more in monopoly live!

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