More Reasons for Android and App Gambling in Africa

Gambling in Africa has seen better days with the spread of technology in the continent. More and more gamblers are joining the trend of android gambling.

Gone are the days you had to visit a brick and mortar casino or a cyber café to place a bet. You can have it all from the comfort of your house or on the go through your mobile phone.

By 2021, we predicted that at least an 18.84% increase in online gambling would take place. With lockdowns and other occasions in 2020, we can confidently say that the rise in online gambling exceeded the predicted percentage by far. If you are wondering why most people gamble using their phones and download apps for the same, buckle up for some eye-opening facts.

Benefits of Mobile and Application Gambling

Whether you are an android or Apple smartphone owner, you can have endless fun from wherever you are at the click of a button. Besides, you don’t need to download any casino apps, you can gamble from your browser, and the experience is more or less the same. These are some of the reasons there is a mobile gambling craze in Africa.

Availability of Wi-Fi

Mobile internet services are the topmost reasons why Africans are now using mobile phones more to gamble. Online gambling is only as fun as it ought to be if there is a fast and reliable network. Wi-Fi is one of the most reliable internet readily available in most countries in Africa at a very affordable cost. You don’t have to be in your apartment to enjoy a game since you can use portable Wi-Fi on the go.

Free trial games

New android gamblers have access to try out their skills in online gambling using plenty of free games available online. You can play as long as you wish and gain some experience to try out a real money casino game. For this reason, most African gamblers use their phones to sign up for both free and real money casino games.

Unlike the traditional land-based casinos, the punters do not need to have the cash to access a casino or a table to play any casino games.

A single account is enough.

Smartphones have increased ad improved the accessibility of punters gambling accounts. Punters now need to have only a single account that they can access on multiple devices, similar to social media. The catch is getting to save some winnings in your account, in case you need them to access casino games another day, unlike in the traditional casinos where punters can run out of cash to access the gambling establishment. Through the account, gamblers access their bankrolls at their convenience.

No more hustle

There are fewer land-based casinos in most African countries, and some are only available for non-resident tourists. For this reason, accessing a casino is a real hustle, and gamblers have had to wait for hours in queues to get a slot. All this is now a thing of the past. With smartphones through which Africans access top offshore casinos at any time of the day. It undeniable that some land-based casinos can be mediocre. With smartphones, you access the best there is from home. No more rushing to get to the casino before they close or worry about getting mugged on your way home after winning some cash.

Incredible Bonuses for mobile phone users

Sportsbooks and casinos have noticed the rising numbers of gamblers accessing their services using smartphones. For this reason, gamblers enjoy competitive bonuses and offer specifically, set apart for mobile phone gamblers. Gamblers get welcome bonuses, free cash, free bets on sports, free spins for slots, and other casino games for any sign-ups using mobile devices.

Easy to play

With smartphones, most casino games become easy and more enjoyable to play. One of the most incredible features smartphones have is the touch screen technology that enables players to swipe and zoom games to their most convenient sizes. With touch screen smartphones, even tilting your phone can help you enjoy a casino game even more.

In the bottom line, android gaming and the use of the app has made all forms of gambling more fun. Sports betting is easier when you can follow all the statistics and odds closely on your mobile app. Also, with other betting options like in-play and live betting, African punters wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to watch a match from a phone and stand a chance to win some easy cash, not to mention, huge jackpots.

Mobile gambling in Africa is an opportunity for punters in remote regions without gambling establishments to have fun and enjoy the best international sportsbooks have to offer.

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