More Than Half Of Nigerians Made Sports Bets In Last 12 Months

According to a report by TGM Research, 51.7% of Nigerians have placed sports bets in the last 12 months. The document provides a detailed analysis of the gambling behavior of Nigerians, highlighting its trends.

The report also emphasizes the popularity of online platforms for sports betting and the apps based on them: 36.8% of respondents used them to bet on events such as football and horse racing.

Despite the prevalence of digital platforms, traditional forms of betting have not been completely displaced. The report indicates that 26.9% of Nigerians still place sports bets with their friends, maintaining the social aspect of betting on events such as football and horse racing.

In addition to sports betting, the report also examines other forms of gambling. The results show that 14.4% of Nigerians participate in lotteries and gambling games such as Powerball and bingo.

It is worth noting that Nigeria’s gambling industry operates within the legal framework established by the National Lottery Act of 2005. This law not only established the National Lottery but also created the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, tasked with regulating and managing the industry.


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