Most popular Roulette games in casinos

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games which are widely available on online gambling sites too. From the latest live dealer versions to multi-wheel and special themed-roulette games. But we can also find some traditional types, like the American and European roulette in the most popular roulette games.

Roulette is a simple game where you only have to guess on which numbered pockets the ball will land on the wheel. It is one of the most well-known activities in a casino thanks to its appearance in several films and music videos. And of course, roulette is also featured on most online gambling sites along with poker, blackjack, and online slots. There are different versions of the game with the two main types being the American and European roulette. Both can have some sub-types like French roulette. But we can also play with special-themed games like Age of Gods or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire roulette. So let’s see the most popular ones including the oldest and latest variations.

American Roulette Is Still One of the Most Popular Roulette Games
One of the most well-known versions of roulette is the American variant, where you can find a ‘0’ and a ‘00’ pocket as well besides the regular numbers between 1-36. Even though the extra pocket decreases your chances of winning and raises the house edge to 5.26%, American roulette is available on all sites. Of course, there can be differences between the game’s outlook and its features. From the color of the table to the direction in which the wheel is spinning, you can set up most details yourselves. You can also make different bets like betting on red or black, odd or even, or high or low besides betting on a specific number. A classic game with lots of ways of winning makes American roulette one of the most popular roulette games.

European roulette
The other main type of roulette is European roulette with 37 pockets on the wheel after missing the ‘00’ pocket. In this version the house edge is smaller, 2,7% compared to the American one, tempting players for more games. You can find European roulette games on online casino sites in France if you’d like to play with a better chance. But actually, the game is so widespread that often it is the default roulette game without mentioning its full name. We can thank two French guys, Francois and Louis Blanc for inventing the game who had to leave France and move to Germany. Where roulette became so popular that Prince Charles of Monaco invited them back to France. Probably it’s not surprising that the next popular version was born in this country.

French roulette.
French roulette is different from European roulette in two major things. First, the table of the color is usually red instead of the usual green. You can make more combined bets than in any other version. And you have the biggest chance of winning here thanks to two special rules: en prison and la partage. En prison is used when the ball lands on zero, and you haven’t made a bet on it. In this case, your bet is kept in prison and only the next ball will decide its faith. If you win, you receive it back but if you lose, you also lose it. While thanks to the la partage rule, you receive half of your bet back. Making the house edge only 1,35%. So let’s have a go and try this game on one of the online gambling sites.

Live roulette
Online casino sites try to offer a real-life experience for players so we can find live roulette games on most of them now. In these versions live dealers host the game from a real casino, and stream it to the players via a live broadcast. You can play against other players and interact with them and the dealer, making it a more entertaining experience. Thanks to multiple cameras, you can choose your game view, and enjoy other features like extensive statistics, saving of your favorite bets or Autoplay.

All the above mentioned roulette games can be enjoyed in live versions, while there are some extra variants as well. Like Lightning roulette with special black-and-gold design and randomly generated lucky numbers. That can award players with multipliers from 50x to 500x. Or Immersive roulette, which uses a HD video stream that automatically switches from one camera to the others. While slow-motions shots show the winning ball, just like in a movie.

Multi-wheel roulette
More advanced players might prefer more action and choose multi-wheel roulette games. You can bet up to 8 wheels, but your bet will be the same on all of them. All wheels will spin at the same time, showing the results at once. So you have more chances of winning in this game, but of course, your betting limit also increases. Though it might look a bit overwhelming first, the rules are the same as in European roulette. But if you are still not confident, you can also practice it for free on most sites. And you can also choose to play with less wheels first in order to understand the game more.

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