Most popular sport in Ghana to bet on

As a result of the flourishing online gambling industry in Ghana, it is now possible to make bets on various websites. While there are a few outliers, most online sportsbooks cover many sports. Interestingly, the greatest Ghana betting sites can be found at betway, along with odds and lines for almost every sport in the world.

Gamblers in Ghana may bet on any of these events, although they tend to focus on the more well-known ones. Therefore, this section will give you a concise explanation of some of the sports punters who often try out.

1. Football

As is the situation in a great number of other nations throughout Africa, Ghana is among those that prioritize the game of football as their most popular sport. Ghana is home to not just one of the most talented teams in Africa but also a very competitive domestic competition.

Thus, it is unsurprising that most people who bet on betway want to put their money into the most successful teams.

2. Basketball

Betting on basketball is quite common in the United States, yet the sport is not particularly well-known on much of the continent of Africa. Consequently, the most reputable bookmakers in Ghana can offer customers a wide range of betting options.

The National Basketball Association is clearly in the lead because its availability is broad in various locations and many sponsors give applicable discounts.

3. Tennis

Tennis is also one of the better sports for betting while the game is still being played. Bettors have a wide variety of alternatives to choose from when placing live bets since the score of a tennis match is always changing.

The proliferation of tipping services on social media platforms has also contributed to the growth of the tennis betting industry in Ghana. They have started to examine other sports, such as basketball and tennis, to provide advice on competitions such as the National Basketball Association (for basketball) and the weekly tennis meets. It is done to provide their followers with access to additional markets.

4. Boxing

Boxing is the country’s second-most-popular sport. Boxing is immensely popular and perhaps the closest thing to football’s dominance in Ghana.

Three of Ghana’s four Olympic gold came from the country’s gifted boxers. There is a boxing gym on almost every block, and five of the six Ghanaian boxers who have won the World Championship hail from this area.


Although it may surprise those unfamiliar with Ghana, this sport is more of a recreational pastime there. The nation is home to stunning natural beauty and untamed wilderness and is particularly rich in exciting sporting events.

Gamblers may wager on in-play basketball games and complete wagers in advance. Live betting is popular in Ghana because punters may take advantage of unique markets not available elsewhere. It is exciting, and watching sports can also be more interesting than expected.


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