Most profitable Online casino games

There are dozens of different gambling games to choose from if you’d like to win some money. From slot games to poker tournaments, the list is almost endless but there are certain games that can earn you more than others. Like blackjack and online craps that belong to the most profitable online casino games.

One of the biggest reasons to gamble is winning some cash but you have to choose the right game to make a significant profit. You can play with a game with a big payout which usually has less chance of winning though. Or play with a smaller amount but with better odds. The best is if you can find a game that combines these two characteristics and offer a low house edge. Thanks to the cheaper costs of running an online casino site than a real one, there is more chance of winning bigger amounts online. Of course, you’ll still need a big portion of luck, that is hard to keep in the long-term. But everyone can have a good day and win some money with the following games.

Blackjack is one of the most profitable online casino games.
Blackjack is a very simple and easy card game with a great chance of winning. 42,2% exactly while the house edge is only 1%. Not surprisingly it is one of the most profitable online casino games available. But that is the risk of the game as well, with many players risking too much in the hope of winning. Others use different strategies to eliminate the house edge, but some of them, like card counting, won’t work online. Most games use shuffling software against it and live dealer games won’t help you either. But with online casinos offering a 3 to 2 payout, blackjack is still a great option to win some money.


Live poker.
Poker is probably the most popular gambling game which can award you with great prizes. The best poker players can win millions of dollars in poker tournaments, but it can be also profitable online. Where you can practice the game and improve your skills in order to win more later. You might meet more players in an online poker game though, than in real life, making winning more difficult. But your rivals can’t see your face and read your cards from it, which is a huge advantage of the online version.

Play with craps online.
Craps might not come to your mind as the most profitable game, but it can also have a house edge of around 1%. One of the biggest advantages of craps is that you can bet on small amounts. But as it’s a dice-based game, you need to play longer to increase your chances. You can also use some well-known strategies but keeping your bets low can help you the most. Popular bets like pass or don’t pass bets have a low house edge. And you can even add an odds bet if a point is set without a house edge.

French roulette
While brick-and-mortar casinos usually offer American roulette, you can find the more profitable French roulette on online gambling sites in the UK. This version has a house edge of 1,35% instead of 5% thanks to two extra rules: en prison and la partage. According to the first rule, your stake will be in prison if the ball lands on 0 in case of an outside bet. (odd/even, red/black, high/low). While la partage means that you can get half of the bet back if the ball lands on 0 and you placed an even-money wager. French roulette also has its own special bets compared to other roulette games. Like Voisins du Zero where you can bet on all the numbers between 22 and 25, making it a more entertaining experience.

Online slots.
Playing with online slots might not seem a profitable gambling form, but they are much more profitable than their land-based versions. While the RTP rate is only around 90% in Las Vegas casinos, the online slots can have even 99% RTP. Of course, you need to check first the game’s details in order to find the one with the best chance of winning. But you should also look up the available payouts as many games offer huge jackpots with a smaller RTP. Besides winning these slots also offer great fun and an easy way to switch off. Be careful though as you can easily spend more money with them. So always set up a budget before playing and stop playing when you reached it.

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