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Mozambique located in the southern part of Africa sharing it border with South Africa with the population of over 30 million people in Mozambique the capital city Maputo, with different ethnics groups includes makhawa, Tsong, Lomwe, and Sena etc.

And with the birth rate of 38.1% mostly, dominated by youths according to (CIA World fact), why unemployment rate in the country stood at 25.04% in 2018.

However, gambling is legal in Mozambique since 1994 and been regulated by the state, the gambling act of 1994 had some restriction like all casinos has to have 50km away from another casino center and must have a minimum investment of $15 million. In 2017 Mozambique government passed the gaming and gambling law so as to help the casino business in the country this move help with the increase of numbers of gaming licenses, help reduce distance between casinos, this approach is to help boost tourism, economy and attract investors.

Meanwhile a very good example to the gaming gambling act 2017, attract investor from South Africa hotel giant Tsogo Sun to build a $ 17 million hotel in Maputo close to the polana casino about 1km walk, polana casino boosting over 120 gaming machines while it spread across over 4,000 square feet and it is largest local brick- mortar operation in the country and the oldest.

However, there are 5 cities including Maputo making it 6 cities with gambling facilities in Mozambique, which 7 legal gambling facilities in total while 2 in Maputo city, online gambling is legal in Mozambique since 2009 so players can enjoy games from the comfort of their homes and both sport betting in land based casinos and online, casino is not the only available betting platforms horseracing tracks as well.

However, with the rate of internet penetration in the country that stood at 5,279,135 internet users in 2018, 16.8% of the population, per IWS. (world bank)

Although, the economy growth is projected to be 4.5% by the end of 2019 and 5.0% by 2020. That is driven by tourism, agriculture and taxed from casinos this as also help the numbers of youth get directs job in the labor workers include security guards, technician etc. this as helped with to creating more jobs in gaming industry.

There are also bright prospect of increased foreign direct investment in Mozambique by 2020.

Written & edited by Adeleye Awakan

Associate/Editor Africa’s leading B2B digital gaming magazine. Background marketing gaming platforms, communication, PR and consulting. Contact: [email protected]

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