Music Artists Fuel the Growth of African Sports Betting

In recent years, sports betting has been steadily rising and grabbing more people’s attention all over Africa. A survey conducted by GeoPoll has shown that around 72% of the interviewees have, at one point, participated in gambling or sports betting.

Around this continent, Kenya (83.9%), Nigeria (78.31%), and South Africa (74.03%) are leading in numbers of gaming enthusiasts. South Africa’s government has stated that more than half of the population places bets on sports, especially football and lotteries. The same can be said about Central African countries.

With more and more young people becoming interested in this pastime, online bookies have started working on various ways to attract attention. One method that has proven successful is using music stars as ambassadors for sports betting brands.

Music and Sports Betting

Music is one of the best sources of entertainment. People love listening to music regardless of what they’re doing at the moment. Combining this recreational method with betting has proven a great income contributor for many online bookies.

Over the years, music has been integrated into online casinos in various ways. From playing tunes when entering a sportsbook and casino platform to creating unique soundtracks for particular games, it has been proven that music influences the player’s behavior while betting.

Direct exposure to it is not the only method used by online bookies. The African market is seen as a great and developing basis for the online gaming niche. So, considering the competition is rising, African gaming platforms are constantly seeking new ways to breach the distance between them and their customers.

Thus, many African sportsbook platforms have engaged the assistance of famous domestic music artists to help market their services.

Music Stars Sports Betting Ambassadors

Each day, we witness a new pop, rap, or rock star become the brand ambassador for various products and services. The sports betting niche is no exception. The globally known rap star Nicki Minaj recently became a creative director of one online betting platform.

In Congo, the famous artist, rapper, author, and composer Sam Samouraï has partnered up with the renowned sports book Paridirect. The online sportsbook just opened its doors to the Congo Brazzaville’s market, so by working with this influential artist, the revenue is expected to double for both sides – the house and players likewise.

Sam Samouraï has proven with his creative content (particularly the hit song “Sapo Gang” part 2 and 3) that he always aims to represent and help Congolese youth. He brings this idea to the current partnership, emphasizing that many currently unemployed people (around 23% of the population) in the Republic of Congo may earn various advantages with Paridirect.

The Rise of Sports Betting in Central Africa

The current GDP of all Central African countries is rising, with an expected increase in coming years of around 3%. For instance, the Central African Republic has recorded a GDP worth over $2.3 billion, believed to rise to $2.4 billion in 2022 and $2.6 billion by 2023.

With a current population of almost 5 million, 60% of which are youth, the sports betting hobby is gaining more and more attraction. This has pushed governments into legalizing sports betting in almost all countries in Africa.

Some may be ambiguous in this matter, however. The Republic of Congo, for example, allows gambling and betting on sports as it is regulated by Lottery Management (COGELO), which works under the Ministry of Finance. Despite this, there are no clear rules on online gambling. Nonetheless, online betting and playing are deemed legal, seeing that the same body – COGELO – operates a sports betting site.

This way of regulating the matter has increased the import flow of US and European sports betting companies to Central Africa.

The Future of Sports Betting in Central Africa

With the help of music stars, online betting sites gain more traffic by the day. The overall African continent is the next focus of the iGaming industry. The introduction of new European and American gaming sites and bookies is expected to increase soon.

Although many Central African countries have legalized betting on sports, the fact remains that they are still working on completing the legal framework. In addition, the current Internet speed of an average of 2000 Kbps for countries in Central Africa will improve, giving African players the chance of a faster and better online betting experience.

To Sum Up

The growth of sports betting in Central Africa is thanks, in part, to the support of music stars. These celebrities have partnered with online betting sites, which helps draw in more traffic. This is great news for African economies, which will see more jobs and revenue created as this industry continues to grow. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any slowdown in sight – so keep an eye out for new gaming sites popping up soon!


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