Nairobi Businessman Wins KSh 2m SportPesa Jackpot

Samson Kariuki, a 40-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Eastleigh, has recently joined the ranks of millionaires in our town He clinched a remarkable KSh 2 million SportPesa Bonus, narrowly missing out on the massive KSh 323 million Jackpot by a hair’s breadth.

“This is my first time getting over 1 million in my entire life, and it came as a double. l honestly cannot believe it,” – he said

Kariuki Simon has lived on planet earth for 40 years and toiled to make ends meet, but he never managed to hold over KSh 1 million at once. That was until he correctly predicted the outcome of 15 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot and won a bonus of KSh 2,041,963.

First ever time to handle KSh 1m Speaking to, the businessman expressed how timely the handsome win was, adding that it would go a long way in reviving his fortunes, which had taken a beating.

Kariuki came close to taking home an astounding KSh 323,817,040, which is the current Mega Jackpot figure, one that would have made him the biggest jackpot winner in Kenya. He missed the top prize after failing to predict just two game correctly; the one between Werder Bremen versus FC Cologne and Airdrieonians FC versus Raith Rovers FC. Read more:

Missed Mega Jackpot by 2 matches In the first match, he bet on Cologne but the home team won 2-1 while the second game, which he had predicted a draw, ended with the home team winning 1-0.

He, however, remains optimistic that he will one day hit the hundreds of millions as he has not stopped betting. “The Mega Jackpot will not get to the 330 million mark because I am going to win it,” he said with certainty. The lucky man placed his bet on Friday, September 22, and went about his business as usual, forgetting about that story.

Moment he’ll never forget On Monday morning, he received a text message informing him that he had become an instant millionaire. Kariuki thanked God and SportPesa for the win, noting that it was one of those moments in life he can never forget. After the close shave, the progressive jackpot has now risen to a whopping KSh 325,118,261. The victory has, without a doubt, changed Kairiuki’s fortunes in way that will forever make him a different person financially than he has been.


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