Namibian Land Casino Resorts

African countries have become a gaming and gambling paradise, and Namibia has not been left behind. The land-based casino resorts in Namibia are exciting and spacious to accommodate a wide variety of table games and exciting slot games to its growing audience both locals and tourists.

Although the casino and gaming industry in Namibia has been crippled by a 10-year moratorium imposed by the Namibian government on the granting of licenses to casinos and gaming industry players, the government has created a regulatory framework which has come to the aid of this industry. The government also lifted the moratorium in 2006, which promises a brighter future in the casino gaming industry in Namibia. So far, there are three licensed land-based casinos in Namibia.

Namibian Casino Resorts

Presently, Namibia has 3 licensed casino resorts that have state of the art facilities. The resorts are among the best in the whole of Africa. They include Mermaid Casino and Swakopmund Hotel in Swakopmund, the Desert Jewel Casino and Windhoek Country Club Resort, and the Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino. These casinos offer a variety of gaming activities where participants get to play and win while having fun.

Mermaid Casino

This facility is located in the Swakopmund hotel and is usually open daily from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Its facilities include 12 table games and 235 slot machines. The slot games offered are the American roulette, Poker and Blackjack. A snack menu and bar services are also available in the bar which you get to enjoy as you try your luck playing a slot game or cards which can actually win you a jackpot to fund the rest of your nightlife activities available in the Namibia Desert.

Desert Jewel Casino

The Desert Jewel casino is located within the Windhoek Resort and has an exciting gaming space that features 7 table games and 162 gaming machines. The casino is open daily from 3 pm to 4 am during the week, (Monday-Friday) and noon- 4 am during the weekend. This facility also has a bar and a hotel to complement your gaming needs with 150 rooms available to host its customers. To spice things up, the casino offers free gaming lessons for all games, that is, Poker, Blackjack and the American Roulette.

Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino

Centrally located in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia, the Kalahari Sands Hotel and casino is open all round the year. The casino is famous for its state of the art gaming facilities for the available games. The facility has 7 table games and 129 slot machines. The games available are poker, Blackjack and American Roulette. Usually, the casino is open and available for gambling from 10:00 am to 4:00 am daily. The casino enjoys the advantage of proximity to the Windhoek International Airport. Together with the government, this casino has launched a program for the prevention of problem gambling.

Reasons for Namibia’s Underdeveloped Casino Industry

The main reason as to why the casino and gaming industry in Namibia is underdeveloped is the 10-year moratorium. Gambling in Namibia has been legal since 1994; however, due to the emergence of fast-growing gambling businesses, the government took stern measures to curb the vice by revoking all licenses issued to gambling houses.

Legal gambling has not grown any further as the moratorium caused illegal gambling to extend its roots and has been a menace to the government ever since. To date, only 3 land-based casinos are licensed, and there are no existing regulations for online casinos.

Online Casinos

Currently, Namibia has no regulated online casinos. The ever-growing Namibian citizenry involved in gaming can, however, get to place their bets and participate in different games available in offshore gaming sites owned by different online gambling companies that are open and available to the Namibian gambling community.

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