NBA Playoffs Betting Preview Analysis 2019/2020

One of the wildest and weirdest season of the NBA history is moving towards the end, where 15 team, in addition to the winner in a play-in tournament that will involve Portland Trail Blazers and the Memphis Grizzlies are all preparing to fight for being named as the champion of the NBA in Orlando.

The bubble aspect of the series that involved all the teams in contention moved to Disney World to conclude the campaign has since been successful, and one can expect to see those teams compete in a tough manner within the next few weeks as the conclusion sees a champion crowned in a neutral court, something that has never happened in the history of the NBA.

Here is a perspective of both conferences, with the possible winner and some teams worth placing wagers on through the best South African betting platform, BetXChange.

Western Conference

• Los Angeles Lakers – in the previous season, the Lakers were one of the joking teams, but this weird year has seen the team as one of the hottest prospects to win the championship in the west. The addition of Anthony Davis was one of the hugest additions, while a healthy LeBron James, who has been ironically helped by the unfortunate shutdown, has kept the Lakers in a dominant position. That is also as long as Davis is always on top of his game. However, down the stretch, a newer concern is the fact that they have seen a dip in form, something that Lakers fans may not be happy about.
• Los Angeles Clippers – the presence of this team creates a city battle for supremacy in Los Angeles and in the western conference in general. It is a match up that is most likely to happen even in the general finals considering that the LA teams have taken a liking to winning their matches, and the fact that they took advantage of the free agents during the summer period. Kawhi Leonard, a proven super star in the play-offs, with Paul George offering him massive support. This is a team that is definitely one to watch as chances are that it may get to the finals.

Eastern Conference

• Milwaukee Bucks – in complete terms of betting, this team has a higher chance of getting to the final that many of its opponents from the western conference. After the incident of head butting Moe Wenger, one of the most likely players to win the MVP award GiannisAntetokempo was handed a ban for one game, something that was regarded as a slap on the wrist. In that case, he will be available even before he is missed. It is a team that has the best performance in the championship, and that is one of the reason as to why in the eastern conference it is the team that is most likely to be the last one standing.
• Boston Celtics – this is the third team in the standing in the eastern region, and it is one of the toughest opponents to the Bucks as they have one of the best abilities in general. Kemba Walker is healthier than ever, and if he increases his average scores per game, then the Celtics will be a tougher opponent for any team. However, one of the major issues is the fact that they do not have what it takes to handle Joel Embiid in the first round, and Giannis if they get a chance to reach the eastern conference finals.

What that means for Punters

BetXChange offers many punters in South Africa to place their wagers on the best basketball teams in the NBA. With some of the most attractive odds, you have a once in a life-time chance to get the best out of the bets you place. For those of you who fancy a punt from the outside, you can also think about some teams like the Raptors of the Nuggets that have some chance for giving their all in the play-off run.

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