Netflix shows the way for iGaming says BtoBet

Netflix provides an excellent example of the power of a company with a simple, clear customer strategy and business model adapted for the digital age, according to new insight on the player-first betting experience from BtoBet CMO Sabrina Soldà.

Soldà explained that iGaming companies should take note of how Netflix is “redefining the concept of customer centricity through technological innovations”.

“In layman terms, when it comes to the iGaming industry the provision of a ‘standardised’ omnichannel betting platform is simply not enough to provide and guarantee the kind of betting experience that is sought by the players themselves,” – she said. “This results, ultimately, in the player churn rates which characterise most markets.

It is becoming clearer by the day that players are asking for a betting ecosystem that simplifies their interaction with all available devices, channels and communicative mediums throughout the day, be it social media platforms, smart speakers, and why not, TV.”

However, she added that “most operators are restrained from delivering an augmented UX via the core platform technology provided to them by service providers” – technology which often leaves the operator with “no possible way” to alter the betting journey.

Soldà also bemoaned the fact that “most operators are slowly but surely transforming themselves into franchises with no unique points of reference that make them stand out from the competition” – a source of frustration already shared by BtoBet’s CEO Alessandro Fried in this year’s ‘Essential Guide to Betting on Sports‘ magazine.

Speaking this summer, Fried said that the concept of a platform provider prescribing the user experience (UX) “creates a scenario where platform providers are delivering and transferring the same experience to their customers, with nothing that distinguishes one brand from the other in terms of UX”.

He continued:

“Ultimately it is the wrong approach to be undertaken because operators are becoming franchises of the same UX that comes part and parcel with the technology that is delivered from the service providers. By contrast, Fried explained that BtoBet has dealt with this problem by disconnecting the whole UX aspect from the core platform technology, thus “unlocking the potential for each bookmaker to create their own individual player experience”.

Individual operators working with BtoBet now have the freedom to differentiate totally the UI and UX for each channel through key elements – especially from a mobile perspective – such as front-end visualisations, side menus, and the way that the players access and interact with their betting slips.

However, Fried did acknowledge that not all operators have the resources to apply such differentiation, which explains the company’s “two tiered approach” to partnerships – the upgraded sportsbook platform for mature operators and an off-the-shelf solution delivered through its White Label Partnership Program.


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