Nigeria adopts ECOWAS gender plan in energy sector

The Nigerian Federal Government has adopted the gender mainstreaming program of the ECOWAS or Economic Community of West African States to tackle the discrimination and poverty in the energy sector. Abubakar Aliyu, Minister of Power, disclosed during one of the workshops on the “National Action Plan for Gender Mainstreaming in the Energy Access.”

Before getting in-depth into the mainstreaming of gender equality in the energy sector in Nigeria, we have to understand the Gender Mainstreaming that ECOWAS has put forth. This term identifies and integrates both men’s and women’s needs and gives them access to all the federal and state policies, especially in the energy sector.

Nigeria is a significant hub for industries like agriculture, mining, tourism, and energy. Even Nigerians are getting into many other sectors like gaming and gambling too. One can see tourists and natives playing online Roulette and heading onto other betting sites to try their luck.

As all other industries are taking gender equality under consideration or have both genders working in collaboration, the adoption of the ECOWAS plan will help the women in the energy sector to involve and evolve in the decision-making process to the implementation process of this sector.

With this announcement in the minister of power workshop, it was received with open arms by the national ministries. William Alo, permanent secretary in the Energy Ministry, commends the decision of the government to take Gender Mainstreaming as the national strategy to make considerable improvements. These gender-responsive energy policies will help the Nigerians and other West African countries adopt one and give equal rights to everyone. Moreover, it will also help women and men benefit from equal incentives and salaries that were previously just limited to the men section only.

Gender Mainstreaming Plan: A policy for equal participation

Permanent Secretary William Alosaid,

“This action plan adopted by the Federal Government of Nigeria will not only provide equality and remove parity between men and women but will align the Nigerian goal of gender equality too. Even Nigeria’s 30:30:30 visions will also get aligned seamlessly.”

ECOWAS is not only understanding the goal of the African women but also strategizing their interests in the main industries in the country. They are on the way to empower the women so that they can equally participate and take control of their lives. The idea is to integrate the whole energy sector. Apart from this, the government under ECOWAS is making plans to cope with the region’s power challenges. The government has set goals to provide electricity to all and affordable energy to all the sectors and focus on the Climate Change problems.

On the other hand, the Program Coordinator of the ECREEE, Ms. Monica Maduekwe, said,

“By adopting this action plan, the government of Nigeria will be leveling the field for both men and women to take equal roles and contribute towards the profit of this sector. The industry is already male-dominated, so such policies in place will benefit the womenfolk positively.”

The Nigerian Federal Government is working to grow the energy sector and create jobs for women. The opportunities will be created as the decision-makers in the technical field and for many other big posts. Other stakeholders from various regions like research institutions, civil societies, academics, etc. were also present when the Power Minister announced the adoption of the Gender Mainstreaming plan.


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