Nigeria -African Sportsbooks Discovering A Huge Untapped Market

Technology has allowed Africa sports betting enthusiasts to join in on the action and sportsbooks are finally coming around to this realization. There was a time when internet and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets might have been unthinkable in areas of the Sahara.

But now there are many locations within Africa that have these luxuries at their fingertips and the African people are taking advantage of all that the online world has to offer them which includes wagering on sports. There are several countries with sports betting in particular that have been able to generate a large handle in the continent.

The African Sports Betting Market

Over 12% of the continent has cellular phones which may not seem like a lot of people but it comes out to a total of 6% of all mobile phone users worldwide. Estimates show that this year, 80% of Africa will be able to have smartphones where they live. That’s over 730 million users that will now have access to internet sportsbooks.

A Nigerian sports betting site that was founded in 2011, NairaBET has users in the thousands that wager on sporting events in Nigeria and around the globe on a daily basis. Following the success of NairaBET, other operators in Africa followed suit. Nigeria’s Bet9ja Sportsbook opened in 2013. The area is loaded with sports betting fans so these sports gambling applications decided to capitalize on the market.

Kenya and South Africa also have a big population of sports fans wanting to gamble on the games.

These two Nigerian sports betting sites are not the only ones to profit from the wagering on sporting events in Africa. More sportsbooks worldwide have discovered that Africa as a whole has basically been an untapped market. If more global sports betting operators offer their services in the country, they might just bankroll like never before.

With the success of NairaBET and Bet9ja, sports betting in the continent has only just begun. With the now almost billion people that have access to mobile phones and the love of sports that they have, members of sportsbooks in Africa could reach the millions range rather than thousands soon enough.

The Nigerian mobile sports betting applications alone are edging toward the million-member mark as it is. In the future, Australia may no longer be the continent with the most sports bets placed once Africa has been given full access.


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