Nigeria: Online gambling and the largest companies in Nigeria

Nigeria has a very vibrant online gambling and betting industry. Technology, internet penetration, cultural convergence, as well as change in regulations have collectively resulted in a thriving online gambling and betting arena in the country.

Some people do it for fun and entertainment, while some do it to earn money and some people make a living from it. For whatever reason people do it, it has come to stay and trends indicate that the industry will continue to grow at a fast rate.

With a free flow of information in the Nigerian online space, people have access to tons of information and resources on gambling and betting, yet it remains necessary for users to be guided to legally operated betting sites where they can get the right information, access the right tools, use safe and reliable platforms to gamble and bet in a safe online environment.

Here are some good betting sites available in Nigeria:

1. BetBonanza Nigeria

With a lot of people utilizing online casinos and betting sites, BetBonanza Nigeria, a relatively new online casino company is offering 100% bonuses on deposits, and live casino games. These offerings appeal to both beginners as well as experienced gamblers. The site offers quality efficient services and has many casino offerings. Although BetBonanza is a Nigeria-based company, players in Nigeria and around the world can sign up and play on their secure platform.

The site offers a variety of sports for gamers to bet on including football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, American football, cricket, boxing, and ice hockey among others. The website also has a blog where gamers can access information they would find useful such as betting tips, advice, information, and useful news. The website blog also details how other players won big by using small amounts of money to make bets.

2. BetWay

Betway is a European company and the company has created a Nigerian site. The website is an easy-to-navigate interface which has an array of features such as live casino, lucky numbers, and virtual sports. Betway has low minimum bet requirements and offers easy-to-understand technology as well as customer and technical support through email, hotline, and live chat. Each fixture offers many bet types and the size of the fixture determines the number of options available. There is both live and pre-match betting as well as combination bets.

The site has a loyalty programme where loyal customers are given free bets that are accumulated on a points based system. The more frequently a player bets, the more points the person accumulates which can be used to earn rewards later. Betway offers jackpots which can make people become instant millionaires.

3. 22Bet

22Bet recently launched in Nigeria. They are in a total of 35 markets globally. Over 400,000 online users bet on the site monthly. With a combination of fun games and sports betting coupled with good service delivery, the company has established as a power player in online gambling and betting in Nigeria. The site offers up to 1000 sporting events every day as well as a variety of live bets. It results in a lot of variety for gamers.

4. Bet9ja

Bet9ja is one of the largest bookmakers in Nigeria. In 2018, it was once the second most visited site in Nigeria according to Google. It is a wholly Nigerian company. The site offers sports betting and a number of fun casino games such as fruit slash, spin and win, and others. Bet9ja covers the major sporting events in the world and provides opportunities for players to bet on various sports. For instance, on a Saturday there are sometimes as many as 10,000 different bets available. Games can be played for free in addition to the bets made with real money.

5. Bet365

Bet365 is the one of the most popular online betting sites on the internet. The website attracts a large number of visitors and gamers daily. The company is based in Stoke-on-Trent in the United Kingdom but they have a license to cater to the Nigerian market through a license with the Government of Gibraltar. The company offers live streaming on a number of sports and offers a variety of promotions. However, Naira is not an accepted currency on the site so players from Nigeria need to use a foreign currency.


Gamers can find the best Nigerian Betting Tips 2020 on the web because to succeed in online betting and gambling, gamers mostly use tips. There is a risk of making losses, so utilizing professional and expert tips is helpful to achieve success. Tipster and sports betting sites are in abundance online. The useful ones would be tipsters that offer free trials and have great reviews. A tip for players new to online gambling and betting is to start with one sport. For instance a player may choose to bet on American Football. The player should understand the game, teams, matches, trends and other useful information about the sport. Only after gaining mastery in the sport and making successful bets should the player move to actively make bets in other sports. A beginner should not bet on multiple sports simultaneously without understanding the process, the game, the teams, and the odds.

To succeed in playing online casinos, a player should take advantage of free promotions, free games, and free deposits. In addition, players should sign up to only sites that use the latest security and technology such as transparency and Chatbots.

To succeed in sports betting, you should automise your betting strategies by using trading bots made specifically for betting better called betting bots. Betting bots are automated betting software that you can use for betting. They are programmed for the purpose of making bets for a player under certain circumstances. It enables a player place multiple bets without having to manually monitor the screen or mobile device. Betting bots can hedge bets that appear to be failing because the bots are coded by developers who input various betting variables. The software is an interesting addition to betting and gambling tips.


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