NODWIN Gaming extends esports services to Africa

Indian esports solutions company NODWIN Gaming has opened operations to the rest of Africa after opening its first international office in Johannesburg earlier this year.

The company announced an expansion into South Africa in March.

The first international tournament operated by NODWIN Gaming was initially exclusive to South African players, but moving forward it will be opened up to players residing anywhere in Africa as part of the company’s expansion.

Akshat Rathee, Managing Director and Founder of NODWIN Gaming, discussed the decision in a release:

“NODWIN’s first international expansion is still fresh, but one thing led to the other and now we have extended our esports services for the diverse African continent and its gamers in less than 6 months. Our first operation in South Africa gave us a gist of the buzzing community of gamers in the rest of Africa and I feel that there could not be a better time to tap into the larger audience.”

After yielding success running the Inkosi Super Cup as part of its initial expansion, the company is responding to requests for it to expand its offerings to the entirety of Africa with this development. Esports Insider spoke to Rathee about the initial expansion in March.

Merlin Wiedeking, CEO of NODWIN International, added:

“After the successful kickoff of our first South African tournaments, I’m very excited to follow up on requests from players across Africa to open our existing and future products to as many people as possible across the continent.”

Esports Insider says: Having seen the potential of the South African market, NODWIN Gaming has acted quickly in order to serve the entire African market. Having seen India’s esports scene grow in recent years, it will be interesting to see what happens in Africa – a location in which esports has yet to make its mark in a way that’s comparable to other continents.


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